⭐ GCAuto Midwest Toyota Sequoia Capstone available Black @ MSRP


Toyota Platinum Seqouia and Grand Highlanders available at MSRP. Midwest Dealer will ship nationwide (excluding Cali, MA, and Montana). Or you can pick up yourself.

Due in 2 to 4 weeks.
Broker fee $499

Spec sheets attach.

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just a heads up you have this tagged in northeast, there is a midwest tag too if you’re not familiar.


Thanks. Fixed!

Good luck and welcome to LH.

Thank you!

PM sent on the Grand Highlander.

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Red Grand Highlander- Sold

Inquiry form added to first post. If you’re interested in other Toyota models, please fill out the form

PM sent on the Grand Highlander.

Any deals on platinum 4x4 tundras?

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Black / Black Sequoia Capstone available

2023 Toyota Sequoia Capstone Black available now for delivery @ MSRP

To save some PM’s.
No. Montana LLC is not an option

Any Tundras?