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Hello LH community, and my esteemed clients.

I have somewhat recently joined lease hacker but not new to lease brokering. I have been doing corporate and fleet lease broker for the past 8 years, and have been blessed to make many new friends and a loyal customer base. The past 8 years also have enabled me to make some excellent connections with dealers; especially BMWs in the Philadelphia region. Fast forward to today, I quit my day job and am going on my own now to share the excellent deals and tips I can avail through my network to not only big businesses but to regular folks like you and me.

Now to stay compliant with LH guidelines:

  • Region(s) serviced: Mainly: NY, NJ, PA,CT, DE, VA, MD, MN, OH, IL, WV, but can cater to any states except MA, PR and HI (if shipping then the cost is always yours)
  • Vehicle brands sold: BMW (New and Loaner/demo)
  • Fee amount or fee range: $399 broker fee.
  • Clear instructions on how to be reached: Phone: 215-891-6094, email: garileasing@gmail.com
  • Number of months/years in business: 8+ years

Thank you,

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I got my 2020 bmw 330xi premium package for an amazing lease price and the man responsible for this amazing deal is Jowel. He was along with me at every step. This was the easiest car leasing process ,I have been through, Jowel is my BMW man to go for any deal.

Thank you again for all your help.

Thank you bud. it was a pleasure working with you. i am here at your service anytime you need anything with your BMW.

I leased a 2020 BMW 330xi from John this week. It was a very efficient and seamless process.

I emailed John on Tuesday. He replied by text in 15 minutes. Within an hour, he sourced the car and found out that I qualified for a corporate rebate. I had tons of questions (MSD’s, options, process, etc.) and John responded immediately. On Wed, I received all the docs and picked up the car on Friday from the BMW Dealership.

I reached out to a few brokers as well but never heard back. I would definitely work with John again.

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Thank you Alvin, it was a pleasure working with you.

Also, thank you for your positive review. If there is anything you need, just give a buzz. You have my number.

Cheers!!! :slight_smile:

I had the honor of being able to lease a BMW 330i xDrive for my father with John. He was extremely helpful throughout the process and answered every single one of my father and I’s questions, without getting bothered at all. He negotiated the best price for my trade-in by far, something nobody could come close to. I recommend John to anyone interested in leasing, his prices are really good and sometimes even unmatched. He was even able to match my specific requests for the car I wanted, getting the car in a really unique color combination with certain packages I wanted. If you’re interested in leasing, definitely contact John!

thank you mate. it was a true pleasure to be of service to you and your dad… wishing you many happy miles on your new BMW.

John was an absolute pleasure to work with and helped me find the exact 330xi build I was looking for with every option on my list. It was my first time working with a broker but John was extremely resourceful throughout the process and walked me through all the numbers. The deal he was able to negotiate was incredible and I left the dealer with the car in less than 30 minutes. Thank you again John for all of your help and the exceptional level of professionalism that you maintain in the way you do business. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

John was great to work with on my hunt for a new 330i. I was looking for a vehicle with Driving Assistance Professional + other options which was rather hard to find but he found me a well equipped car at a very competitive price. When there were as a slight issue with the numbers at signing, John stepped in and helped get everything back on track. Overall this deal experience was super easy as all communication with the dealership happened online. When I arrived at the dealer it only took 30 minutes to sign some last documents, run my credit card, and buy floor liners before I was on my way. I’ll be sure to reach out to John again when I decide to spring for a M340i in a few years.

thank you mate for your trust and business. it was a pleasure working with you

Michael, thank you again for your time and business. you were a pleasure to work with.

My deal last week with John on an X3M was super easy, very communicative. Even got the congrats text after delivery. As straightforward as it gets.

Thank you Nick. you have been a pleasure to work with. best of luck with your new beast!

Just got in to my new 330xi and I’m absolutely speechless! Impeccable service and so nice!!! The entire process took less than a day! I’m probably never going back to the “normal” way of leasing cars!!! 10000000 star rating! And he’s so honest and upfront!

Brother, thank you for your kind comments. you were a pleasure to work with as well.

Cheers!! :slight_smile:

Amazing service. Thank you for all your help. I ran into some co-signer/credit obstacles and John called me to discuss ways around it. I reached out to a few other brokers on here and in my personal life with the same parameters and requirements and John was the only one able/wanting to help and make it happen. Truly appreciate your help. Super professional. Also I reached out at 2pm on Tuesday 10/6/2020 and he got me in the car I wanted by 1pm on Friday 10/9/2020. Damn quick if you ask me. John from Gari leasing is the way to go! Will refer and recommend to EVERYONE on here and definitely in my personal life

I had a pleasure working with John from Gari leasing last week. From first contact until full lease was signed, it took less than 24h! I can’t stress enough how easy, fast, reliable and straightforward John and his partners at BMW made the process easy for me. John was available during the weekend and always responded quickly over text and phone. Every single price and fee was exactly as expected and without any surprises all the way through which was my biggest concern.

Full Story:
I was planning to buy a pre owned car but after visiting some shady dealerships and got multiple surprises at signing after agreeing on final price, I was very skeptical and completely lost trust in any car dealership. Once I decided to lease and connected with John it was smooth and easy process. John was available, explained and addressed every question I had about every possible
section of the lease agreement. Once I signed the lease contract and payed the broker fee, I knew exactly how much I am expected to spend. When I picked up the car everything was exactly as promised no surprises or any additional fees. The car was detailed, prepared, docs were ready to sign and I was in and out in less than 15 min. Thanks John for all your help! I will certainly be back

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I leased a BMW M340i and John was very helpful, responsive, friendly, and mainly patient throughout the entire process! I loved working with him and will come back if ever need be
The entire process took less than 2 full days!!!

thank you brother for you kind words. i am very happy that the whole process was easy and seamless for you. it was a pleasure working with you. kindly let me know if i may be of any further assistance.