Garage size for Tesla Model 3 or Model Y

My BMW i3 lease is up next March so I’m considering to order a Tesla Model 3 or Y (kind of in the throwing up the towel camp…). One particular concern I have is that I have a small garage (built in late 60s) that’s only 207inch deep between the garage door and the cabinet at the back of the garage…

Given Model 3/Y is 185/187in in length, I think I may have a hard time fit it into my small garage with enough room to open the trunk. I plan to downsize to only one car the the width shouldn’t be an issue.

Any Model 3/Y owners who happen to have a small garage can share your experience?

You may have better responses on the Tesla forums…


The model Y is pretty thicc from experience


Wife’s V60 is 187" long, same as a Y. We have a 234" garage, plus a 24" workbench on the back wall. I have always used parking bumpers with all of her cars to make sure she parks the car as far back as possible in the garage, but always far forward enough to clear the garage door. I leave ~3" to the garage door in back just in case, and we have enough room to walk by the car in front as well. It’s snug but it works just fine.

If you want access to your trunk while the car is in the garage, back it in or open the garage door.


I do the same with hanging tennis balls for markers. Never realized not being able to open the trunk with the door closed was an issue…big garages people problems…

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I have a 3. My back to garage is 209 inches. It will fit. Not hard to maneuver in. BUT it makes it hard to walk by the car with the garage door closed

The trunk opening on a 3 is a non issue. No room for a Y to open the trunk

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Was there no room for a Y to open the trunk because you park heads-in and leave room on head-side so that you can walk over the car? I wonder if I park butt-in would allow a Y to open the trunk. Btw, my garage is 207in deep.

I don’t have a Y. But I assume it’s a swing up tail gate. I haven’t watched a YouTube video on how the trunk opens.

The 3 doesn’t really take more length to open the trunk.

I leave about 8 inches in front as there’s a bike there. 193-195 inches. And gives me about 10-12 inches to “shuffle” by.

Makes no different which way i pull the car in. If the SUV/wagon has a lift up tailgate. It won’t work.

I just watched a video of the Y trunk. It will be close. There’s no way to guess how much it will protrude. But I’m guessing you will be fine if you park 3-5 inches between the wall and front of car.

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I got one of these on a lightening deal 2 years ago. Lined up to the dimple in the top/center of my dash. game changer

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I did some search on Tesla forum and looks like a lot of folks recommend this if you want to park precisely.

I want to put an actual Tesla in my garage to see whether if fits.

After submitting a test drive request on, I was told they don’t have any demo cars until late this month. Did Tesla actually sell all their demos at MSRP??

Parking beepers for your garage wall? Seems like overkill to me.

Not really an overkill if you have a tiny garage and you have to park precisely otherwise your garage door won’t close or you can’t walk to the other side the car… :rofl:

A cheap way is to get a 2x4 and glue it down/double side tape it. Down on the ground.

Takes 1 time to move the car inch by inch to measure where to put the wood.

Or you can buy whatever speed bump type thing.

The lights and tennis ball are not bad options. But not precise if you pull in at a angle or something.

By default Tesla don’t “creep” so if your stopped on level ground it doesn’t move. You can turn on creep if it helps with parking.


Can you just open the garage door for when you access the trunk? In that case you could in theory have a 200"+ car in there?

I never tried to park a tesla in a garage so excuse my ignorance, but doesn’t it a ton of cameras at every which angle to see what you are doing, or are they not accessible except for download?

I know you can have the rear view camera and I think side cameras as well. But I’m not 100%.

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You can activate rear cam and both side cams, also when backing up both side view mirrors tilt. With all of those features I’m not sure how one cant back into a garage centered.

I do find teslas proximity sensors overly sensitive

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