GAP Insurance worth getting


Is GAP insurance worth getting on a leased vehicle ?

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Absolutely yes. It’s one of the more important coverages you can carry, especially given its limited cost. The one exception to purchasing it on your own would be if your lease contract includes the coverage by default, which is more common than you might think. Then it wouldn’t make sense to duplicate the coverage you’re already purchasing.


I work in insurance, definitely worth getting. Majority of leases have it included.

When purchasing, GAP is highly recommended.

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What brand? Most already include GAP with the only exception I know being Toyota.


The brand is Nissan

Included on Nissan/Infiniti, so you’re good to go

Would it be printed on the contract or sales person should tell me ?

Never rely on anything the sales person tell you. If it isn’t the the contract it isn’t binding. It should be in the contract.

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Majority brands come with GAP.
Toyota is the only brand I came across that does not provide GAP in their lease.


GAP is included on every single captive arm’s lease except Toyota (and only Toyota brand; included on Lexus). You don’t need it.

Is Gap included in Land Rover leases?

Yes. Every single brand except Toyota.

Not sure about this. I recently checked with my bank (US Bank) to see if my Grand Cherokee has it and they said it doesn’t. Of course I already had it on my policy but was just checking to see if I could save those bucks.

US Bank is third party, not captive.

Got it.