Gap insurance on lease


Hi I am planning with leasing something from an out of state dealer… I live in NY where it’s rolled in… question is what is the best way to source gap insurance when you have to get it on your own?

What car are you leasing and what bank are you leasing from?

Some manufacture’s have it included.

Pretty much everyone but toyota financial includes a gap waiver, so unless you’re looking at a toyota or a Mazda, you’re already covered. If you still need coverage, your insurance company is usually a better source than the dealer.


Hyundai. I Imagine it could be Hyundai itself. But my concern is if they do not offer it I would like to be ready with an option to secure it myself

Hyundai includes a gap waiver. You do not need additional coverage.

That’s what I needed to know…thanks all

My last lease was a Toyota and we insured the gap through the dealer somehow because Toyota didn’t offer it…I remember that my insurance (Geico) not having a provision for such a matter

Some insurances won’t sell GAP in NY, so you’d be stuck with buying from the Toyota dealer. And they charge much more than insurance would charge.

Thanks . I was expecting exactly that…I’m trying to be totally prepped to go lease something shortly…

Is GAP a condition of the lease?

If not, weigh the costs and the risks before deciding if it’s worth buying.

Also note that you can minimize or eliminate the need for GAP by putting more money down.

Let the pearl clutching begin.

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In NY it’s law and rolled in…was about to lease in NJ… different manufactured have different policies…I believe it’s an option in that state…
GAP did save us a small fortune in the past when we had a car totalled and the insurance did not match the remainder…learned then to put as little down as possible and have gap no matter what.I will forever take the option every time.

Whether or not GAP saved you money in the past is irrelevant to the odds of having a claim again.

I had $250 collision deductible on my first car - which I wrecked… That deductible saved me $750 compared to what the same accident would cost me today.

But few would advocate paying hundreds of dollars in extra premiums every year for the rest of my life because once it paid off – and someday it might “save” me another $750.

The easiest solution here is to just not lease a toyota/mazda

Already on my list, along with not staring directly at the sun.

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