[FYI] AutoVIN experience for Mercedes lease return

I searched and didn’t see post regarding this, so I thought I’d post to share my experience.

For my Mercedes, I scheduled an AutoVIN inspection at my place and from what I gather from others in this forum, the inspection usually take 30-40 minutes.

Well, in my case, it took the inspector more than 1 hour to check the car. The inspector was very thorough and checked the following:

1). Paint using some sort of device to check the paint thickness and make sure none of the panel has been re-painted
2). Each tire (thickness, rims, etc.)
3). Each seat (she used a flashlight and look at each seat in details)
4). Each window (checked that it open & close, looked for scratches, etc.)
5). Console screen (no crack or scratches) and still operate
6). Cameras used for surround view (she started the car, moved the car back, look at the console, got out and check the camera on the back and front, etc.)
7). All the “shiny” stuff in the console to make sure it’s not scratched
8). Took picture of the car undercarriage (front, rear and sides) and looked at each picture to verify there was no damage
9). Each exterior light to make sure there’s no crack and still operates (front, side mirrors, back)
10). Cargo area (cargo cover have no damage, storage in cargo floor is not broken, etc.)
11). Engine and hood
12). Leather on steering wheel to make sure it’s not cracked

After she was done, she said the car is in great condition. BUT, she told me to remove the bumper sticker or Mercedes may charge me (?).

FWIW, my car has less than 12K, no ding, scratches, mechanical damage, etc.

Hope this helps others!