FTC Fines Napleton Auto Group $10 Million for Sneaking Illegal Fees onto Bills and Discrimination

“According to the complaint, the dealerships would often wait until the end of the hours-long negotiation process to sneak junk fees for add-on products and services into consumers’ purchase contracts, which often run as long as 60 pages. These junk fees were often added despite consumers specifically declining the add-ons or having confirmed prices that did not include the add-ons. In other cases, the consumers were falsely told the add-ons were free or were a requirement to purchase or finance their vehicle.”

Make sure to read your contract.


@NYNJAudi key replacement.

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My first Tesla Model 3 flip went to Napleton Acura in FL

Buy for premium - Sell for premium.

“Optional Fee” = “Free” Key Replacement & Paint Protection!

No wonder people hate dealers.

I’m honestly shocked and very happy that they’re using $9.95MM of it to give back to customers who were ripped off.

Normally when the government sues a company on behalf of the people for deceptive practices it goes something like:

Gov: “Hey! That’s not fair how you screwed over all of those people! We’re fining you 10mil!”
Business: pays fine
Consumer: “That’s great! How do I get my money back now”
Gov: “Oh no, the 10 mil isn’t for you, but hey, we really did show them!”


I’m sure their defense went something like, “Lost your key? No problem!”

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Will this qualify?

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If it’s upfront, it’s not really snuck in at the end of negotiations


Aah i see…

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got two napelton dealerships here. they’re a bunch of slimy cocksuckers. i helped someone bail on a deal a few years ago where they were trying to sneak in thousands of dollars in bullshit.

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Their blessings caught up to them.

If I can name dealers off the top of my head that have brought me the most grief in my experiences, it’d be Hornburg #1 (no longer solvent, bought out), Napleton auto group, and Koons auto group out of DC.

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Is that a normal length for a car purchase???

I have never counted but between every single document printed/signed, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was that long.

In California, all the financial amounts are listed on the front page of a two page document.

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