FS: 2012 Maserati Granturismo S ($42,000)

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2012 Maserati Granturismo S
Location: San Diego, CA
MSRP: $149,500
Price to sell: $42,000
Current mileage: 8,100
I am selling my Maserati Granturismo. I purchased it in April of 2022 for 52k. It has a clean title and only 8100 miles on the car. Never been in a accident and only been garage kept.
It is in a rare Rosso Modiale Red color and has a MC sport line package. Registration good till May of 2023. Please let me know if you have a additional questions.
Priced to sell! Taking trade offers as well just message me!

@NATO this get your rocks off enough, a 10 yr old Italian sports car?


I have seriously been trying to find a Quattroporte S or GTS for a long while. I’d even buy one of them out of warranty :flushed:

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Pictures please.

Do these have the same clutch problems of Maserati’s from the past?

I cannot get over the interior of most of the Maserati’s. I was looking at some of those earlier this year. I’d have sweaty palms signing on one with no warranty. :sweat_smile:

Asking price: $8k over MMR :sleeping:


The 4.2’s and 4.7’s are actually really good engines. Variators are the only common issue but that’s largely caused by driving style. You need to warm these cars up and drive them hard. ZF automatic transmission in 2007’s and up is bulletproof.

These are comparatively simple and unsophisticated engines compared to the Germans. They don’t produce a ton of power, nor are they good on gas, but the benefit is that they will run and they sound great.

Change their fluids, keep their batteries up to date to avoid electrical gremlins (sensors are way too sensitive to voltage drops). The only other real Achilles heel is that they rust. Easily prevented with underbody protection.

These for sale posts need to stop. This section is for private “lease” transfers. The site is geared toward leasing and while I understsnd that many of the discussions involve financing (especially in these crazy times) and there is great advise given here the fact that this section has become a Facebook Marketplace for used cars is silly. Prime example here. Dude is asking for way more than the car is worth. My favorite are the posts that have the seller disclose that he wanted to give the readers here to “have an opportunity” to purchase before listing elsewhere. Yeh, thanks for the opportunity…please list elsewhere…


Agreed 100% - another for sale post was recently posted also……


Nice car, looks to be in great shape. I wish it had brown/tan interior though. :grin:


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Pretty sure this has the conventional ZF automatic.

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There’s a ‘for_sale’ tag. I believe for sale is allowed. I do think posters should make that clear in the title though. Lease transfer volume is slim since often it makes more sense to sell it out to a carvana, carmax or dealer, so either we accept for sale threads or let this subforum slow to a crawl.

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Is this really worth more than a C8 Z06? or even a C7 for that matter?

I think the fact that there are 9 hearts in my posts signify that the people have spoken :slight_smile:

9 people out of 519 views….

Pointing out the amount of likes on your post is déclassé, unlike this Maserati.

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I’m just saying it’s allowed. Whether it should or shouldn’t be is up to the admins and something that could be discussed in the suggestions subforum. The people actually posting allowed for sale threads haven’t done anything wrong.

Don’t want to preclude users from sharing a great “for sale” deal with the community here.

That said, we’ve added to the post template a requirement to include the selling price (in the case of a vehicle for sale) or monthly payment (for a lease transfer) in the title. Also updated the title to include “FS” to make it easier for people to skip the topic if they’re not interested in it.


Can it be a separate section? Those that are on the lookout for a good transfer and subscribe to the thread are constantly getting hounded by notification emails about all these cars for sale that most people in the “Transfer” thread are simply not interested in. It should be it’s own section and people can post there to their heart’s content.

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@Ineho - In at $30k. Can wire the funds and pickup in person.