Frontier Lease Questions: More than 10k miles?

Seeing all of the good 18 mo deals on Frontiers, but they’ve all been for 10k miles. Does going higher kill the RV, or would it be what you expect in line with a reasonable increase in payments/decrease in RV?

Is there anything on the horizon that might change the ability to find these deals (e.g. new year)?

I have a lease ending soon that I signed in Feb 2020 that I think I can buyout and flip nicely. I like the idea of the short lease: take the profit now, a monthly payment on the Frontier that should be lower than what I have now, and see what the market looks like in a year and a half (I also have a reservation for a Silverado EV if the dealers don’t jack up prices too crazy).

I haven’t specifically looked at 18m Frontier leases but it is usually -3% RV to go to 15k from 10k per year.

What is going to kill this deal is paying 6% tax on the selling price in Maryland.

And also the MPG.


For my zip code:
10K = 97%
12K = 95%

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