From the Tetons to the Coasts. BMW 4 series are hot right now!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 440i xDrive demo
MSRP: $57,215
Selling price: $49,495
Monthly Payment: $380 plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: $4,418.46 ( 1st payment, Security deposits ($2800),bank fee $925, dealer fee $313)
Months: 24
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF: .00130
Residual: 63%
Available Incentives: Included- $5250 lease cash, $2500 loyalty
Available- college grad $1000
Region: WEST is the Best baby!

Peep the link fam!
Dope 440i!
4’s the new X2

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Needs to be mentioned that it’s a GC.

Otherwise “2019 Bmw 440i” sounds like it’s a G20

The new 4-series on the G20 platform hasn’t been publicly released yet, so it’s not likely to generate confusion IMO.


In my world, GC = gift card, and G20 was an early Infiniti.

I have no frame of reference for “peep the link fam.”


Why would I say it’s a GC when it’s clearly a 2 door?

Because the first line of your link preview says Gran Coupe?

Well that sucks!

Might want to talk to your IT team about getting that fixed.

Agreed! :rofl::rofl:

You know you want a 440i xDrive Gran Coupe!
36 month
$383.84 plus tax
MSRP $59,435
10k miles
includes loyalty and college grad.
not a demo!!
MSDS- First and Fee’s DAS ( $4,421.84 plus your tax rate)

Can you throw this deal in the calculator? What is the percentage discount off of MSRP? Will you accept an OL code and at what value?

I’ll add an ol, sure.