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As my clients know, my concierge fee is 100% fully refundable for any reason even it you don’t like the color shirt the salesman was wearing that day before the deal is finalized. The only time is if the deal falls through due to financing (poor credit) since I mention in every post what’s required.

Thank you!

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Just used Fred to lock in a great lease on a new Tundra in the DFW area. He was very easy to work with and had everything lined up w the dealer when I arrived. I was in and out quickly, the figures matched our initial conversations, and I’m super pleased. I was a little skeptical at first bc there isn’t a ton of reviews or interactions on here with him, but after speaking with him and discussing everything I decided to give him a shot. No regrets at all. Rest easy if you’re looking at one of his deals - they are legit with no catches and he’s very reasonable to work with. Thanks again, Fred.

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Fred is AWESOME…and this coming from a guy who wasn’t able to get a deal done!! (Due ti issues completely outside of Fred’s services)

I was trying to do something complex and out of state, and Fred assured me that if the deal didn’t go through for any reason (outside of credit issues) he would refund my fee. Well I took a bit of a leap of faith and he was 100% true to his word. The moment we realized the deal couldn’t happen he was right there with my refund, no questions asked. If I were leasing in Texas there would be no conversation, I would’ve already leased 2, if not 3 trucks through him!

Fred is a perfect professional, works crazy hard for
you, and stands by his word through the end. I’m getting nothing for this review, other than to know that if it convinces one person to work with Fred that’s one more fellow Hackr that I’ve helped! Good luck to everyone, and if you go this route you will not regret it!


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I’m always a bit cautious when dealing with people I’ve met via forums.

I want to let the community know my experience dealing with Fred, so that y’all can have more confidence in working with him.

I initially reached out to Fred about doing a deal on a Tacoma, but decided to not go through with it because the monthly payment was a bit more than I had hoped.Fred was very communicative in the entire process on looking at procuring a Tacoma.

After I decided not to move forward with the Tacoma, Fred presented me with an offer that was too good to pass up, a Tundra fully loaded for nearly $75 less than I had balked at on the Tacoma.

It was a sweet deal and I started working with his dealer partner to close the deal. They got down to business ordering the truck to my specifications, and were going to be able to deliver on the deal in roughly 1-2 weeks.

Now, I’ve not even told Fred this, as I wanted to give him the chance to make it right without the need for leverage, but I ended up having to pull out of the deal as I just got let go from my job yesterday.

I just texted Fred and let him know I wanted to cancel the deal, and asked for a refund and he refunded his broker fee with no questions asked.

I’m glad to have worked with Fred on this, as he’s an upstanding guy who is looking to treat his customers right. I can vouch for him through my own experience, and hope that many of you will give him the chance on your business. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks again, Fred!

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I personally wasn’t able to complete a deal with Fred due to my trade-in muddying the waters. However, I can attest that he is an amazing broker and overall great person to deal with. Quick to respond, forthcoming with Info and a friendly professional style that I simply can’t wait to work with again. Highly recommend him if your in Texas.

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Great experience both with Fred & the dealership he partners with. Took him up on a Tundra deal that was a smooth transaction once inventory was located.

During a brief period of time when it looked like a deal might not happen, Fred offered to refund his fee w/o me asking. In the end, a deal was reached w/ the dealer. I was able to fly into DFW, pick up the truck, and get on my way quickly and easily. The dealership experience was terrific as well.

One piece of advice I might offer to someone doing these deals (w/ or w/out Fried), is to pick one credit bureau for the bank/dealer to pull from (the one w/ the highest score) and freeze the other 2. Otherwise, they may needlessly pull from multiple bureaus. If you’re a credit card/travel hacker, you’ll want to minimize all the inquiries you can.

TLDR; The skeptic in me expected some ‘surprise’ along the way, but it’s all legit. The process is exactly as stated. Definitely can recommend working w/ Fred. Low risk, high reward, don’t wait if you’re on the fence.


I got in on the Tundra deal that Fred brokered in Jan 2020. Fred’s response time on forum messages was fast, he walked me through the entire process over the phone, and even committed to money back guarantee if the deal wasn’t as posted on the forum.

I appreciate that he also tracked the progress during the dealer connection to make sure that I was satisfied with the transaction.

Fred is a real straight shooter, the deal he posted was legit - no strings and no extra costs. His service is well worth the broker fee in comparison to the time that I spent searching and negotiating (and getting aggravated) with dealers.

Thanks again for getting me a great deal!

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Appreciate the help @Fred_Soliman at first I was a little uneasy sending someone I’ve never met $499 hoping they would come through. Fred did, told him exactly what I was looking for on Sunday. Dealer called me in Monday and arranged for me to take delivery Today(Tuesday).

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Second review for Fred. My first was notating his excellent service even though I couldn’t make a deal go through due to trade-in complications. Fred stuck with me through my countless questions, distance and my hard to find non-negotiable color and delivered everything he promised and more. Dealership contact was great and dealership experience was the best I’ve had in 20+ years of car buying. Already looking forward to doing business with Fred again in 24 months.

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Driving off the lot today with a great deal thanks to Fred. This is my first lease and it’s not easy to send money to someone you never met but i definitely had a lot of questions and he handled them quickly and professionally. Id definitely recommend him.

I honestly can’t speak more highly for this experience.

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I worked with @Fred_Soliman to secure a lease on a 2020 Tundra recently. Like others I was a little skeptical of sending the fee to someone whom I wouldn’t meet but having Fred call and talk with me made me feel comfortable with him (not to mention the other good reviews on here). We went back and forth quite a bit and he always responded quickly with a text or a call. I wasn’t going to be able to take a delivery right away and I had three colors in mind that I was looking for. Fred did his best to find the different colors or let me know how long I’d have to wait. I decided on a color that was in stock but reminded Fred that I couldn’t get the truck for a week because I was going out of town. He let the dealership know my situation and he assured me that with a refundable deposit, the truck would be held and my deal would be locked in place. When it came time to pick up the truck the process was very smooth. Fred had worked out all the terms of the deal and they were exactly what he posted on Leasehackr. I was able to get out of the dealership in about 1.5 hours which included a test drive, paperwork signing, and quick walk through of the truck features.

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Just picked up a Tundra lease special with Fred’s assistance. It was an extremely easy process and couldn’t have gone any smoother. Fred was quick to respond and he answered all of my questions. I hit him with a quick “oh, can I get the car by end of day today” at about 5:30 pm. I left with the truck that evening. He didn’t skip a beat and he made sure it happened. The dealer was quick to respond and get the process going. I was there maybe an hour from getting there to leaving with it. They were very helpful as well.
Posted a picture of my new Cement Tundra. I love it!

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My review for Fred echos pretty much what everyone has said. Very easy to deal with and no hassle. Process was easy and smooth! Will look forward to work with again!

Thank you!

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