Found a "rare" new BMW 340 MT with ZHP

During my search I had come across this gem. Dealer claims only about 100 of these were manufactured. They are selling this car at a premium (5% discount off MSRP) because they claim that it is a rare car and an enthusiast will pay up for it. I don’t know if someone can hack a deal on this one out here.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I can share the dealer info.

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I think this ZHP package has:
Some carbon fiber parts.
An exhaust(most likely just catback) and a tune.

Just because it’s rare doesn’t mean it’s desirable, wonder how long they’ve had it.


How is an SP above MSRP going to lead to a good deal?


Is this the one at Crevier? They had a black/black with manual.

Only those things for $7k… it better have $5k in the trunk :rofl:

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I see 7 ZHPs currently listed on Pretty sure it’s a nice car but I wouldn’t pay premium for it.

Not above MSRP. Just 5% discount. I asked them for 12% and they said No. With 3 series redesign I thought they will at least do 12%

Why have car makers gone away from manual transmissions? Because the take rate are so low. Rare only equals valuable if market supports that valuation.

Side note, they should probably be more aggressive trying to move this car. When lease support ends on the 2018s the pool of potential buyers shrinks since leasing won’t be an attractive option.

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well to be fair, even a decent aftermarket LSD will cost 1.5k without installation.

But agree with this is overpriced, and I personally doubt how much benefits an LSD can provide for regular street driving…
On the track, there are a lot better options for this price…

The dealership claimed it is the last one left in the country. I see 7 MT BMW too, but do all of them have the ZHP package ?

Does it matter? BMW is going away from manuals because not enough people are buying them.

Tell the dealer it’s rare because no one wants it not because it’s a limited run car.

Bugatti Chiron is rare. Pagani Huarya is rare. McLaren Senna is rare.

A 340 with manual is not “rare.” Simply not desired.


Was rare quoted in the title originally or did it change since @StingerTT’s comments??? And does Shmeeeee own all three of those hypercars?

Can’t remember and doesn’t matter.

Dealer is using the rarity of the manual 340 to support the reluctance to discount further.

Looks like ZHPs came with autos also. Anyway, I’m pretty sure all those cars with CF mirror covers,spoiler,diffuser and an m-performance exhaust are ZHPs.

This is definitely overpriced, and not worth to buy/lease new.

Even in a few years, with used F8x M3/M4 so cheap already. I doubt this will get much more love.

I own a clean and relatively rare E46 330i ZHP(manual, full alcantara interior) etc, but I definitely don’t think it will ever come to clean E46 M3 price.

I’ve got a local dealer that has two new 2018 340i ZHP 6MT’s in stock. Trying to work on them. No progress so far. I got a “there are only 7 of its kind in the country” talk.

They’re so rare in fact that the only manual 340’s I can find have been on the lot longer than 6 months. You should remind the dealer they’ll most likely wait another 6 months to sell the damn cars. “Enthusiasts” isn’t the market they’re trying to actually sell to.

“Young, dumb, rich, can drive stick” is the market they’re trying to sell to. That demographic is quickly shrinking.

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I had a Honda salesman try to tell me after a test drive that the Accord Sport 1.5T 6MT was an ultra rare and desirable vehicle that they absolutely could not sell below MSRP. I legit belly laughed. Thing had been on their lot for over 100 days. Less than 4 hours later he emailed me with a huge discount offer. I didn’t respond at all to it because my mind was made up on the 2.0T. A day later he emailed me again with an even larger discount, I think it was around 15% off :rofl:

There are very few buyers like me who fetishize sporty sedans with manual transmissions AND put their money where their mouth is.

A base car with no options would be more desirable, especially since it would be ~$12k less