Ford Taurus, another car that needs to just die


I honestly don’t get the reason for this car. There is really nothing good about the vehicle other than the interior and trunk space. I guess they are so cheap to make that rental car company loves it as it seems to be the most popular vehicle along with all the Malibus and Impala. It’s just sad to see them. They need to just get rid of them.


Ford discontinued them already


You ask and you shall receive!


The SHO had its charms… But yeah…


The interior space is a good thing? I’m not sure how Ford managed to make a car that large on the outside, so small on the inside. But, the car is essentially a decade old with minimal updates. It’s beyond long in the tooth, and I’m surprised Ford had it on the market this long.


The Taurus has history in the Us Market and filled the full size segment to compete with the impala, Avalon, Maxima, etc. it just wasn’t very good since the mid-90’s, though I’d say the previous generation was a vast improvement.

Shame it just didn’t seem to be good enough.


Of the many cars I have owned, the (2007) previous generation Taurus is one of them and I had no complaints considering. I bought it for very little as a one year old ex-rental and put scores of miles on it for my lengthy commute. As a freeway cruiser it did what it needed to. The car was reliable and comfortable for a tall guy. I would have considered the most recent version at the right price had I not got the screaming cheap lease deals.

The Taurus unfortunately is a victim of changing consumer tastes.


They offered it to me as a free upgrade, but next time I would gladly turn it down and keep to a Camry. Both will be crappy, but at least the Camry is less offensive to drive and it gets better gas mileage.


I wouldn’t mind a SHO or ex-cop car. V6 twin turbo full-size car was unique at the time and its just very recently that several others are following suit.


My first two cars were 1989 and 1995 SHO’s.

Replaced my first clutch and engine swap on them.

How did I land on them? Sitting in the library and yahoo searched, “car list by horsepower”.

It was sitting right next to the Mustang on the list at the time. WINNER! :slight_smile:

Ultimate Sleepers.