Ford Raptor - possible to lease?


Has anyone tried leasing one of these pickup trucks?

I don’t believe Ford offers leases on raptors.

It’s available to lease on Honcker.

I was still under the impression you couldn’t lease a raptor (no programs available) Aside from that this is a specialty truck and you would be lucky to get close to invoice and on top of that ford is not known to lease well. You can try hacking a f150 limited which has the same motor as the raptor but you will likely be in the 7s, these trucks don’t lease because they are one of the top selling vehicles in this country, we got screaming deals on 2 platinums and for a 10k lease we were still at $550ish a month before the add ons and increases in mileage.

The price on honcker is $1027 a month with $3488 down with nyc taxes included, that’s for a 72,160 msrp with 10k miles a year and 36 months…!!!

specialty vehicle not gonna lease well lol, what’s new. You could probably swing a 75k limited for $700 a month.

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