Ford Ranger Gen 6 Raptor- Who is ready to order one?

Yep, I called around today and have heard as high as $20k. Then I have found one small town dealer at MSRP with the truck being built next week and delivered in a month. I have never flipped a Ford before, do they allow third party buyouts or just the Ford dealers can buy out the lease? Any restrictions around how quickly the lease can be paid off? Any fees/penalties to be aware of?

Not an option for Ford credit. If they do a CULA lease, which I’d be surprised if they do, via a local credit union, you could potentially flip it. Or just eat the tax and enjoy a sweet ride.

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I am actually looking into potentially buying the Ranger Raptor if my trade works out, found a couple incoming ones at small town dealers at MSRP. Might sell the Ranger Raptor to local dealers that are asking for $20k markup on their new ones or even potentially put it on cars and bids, we’ll see. There is a chance I might keep it too if it is as good as the reviewers are saying it is. I do need a truck or SUV with a hitch to haul our electric mountain bikes…

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did you end up picking up one? Mine is supposed to be arriving at my dealer in the next few days.

Well, my trade is not working out with the dealers selling at MSRP and all the dealers giving me a fair value on my expensive trade are trying to sell the Raptor at a markup so I have not bought one yet. I might skip the Ranger Raptor altogether and just take my Land Cruiser allocation when it lands in a couple of months…