Ford Private Client Offer (PCO)

Has anyone here received or know how to request a Ford PCO offer?

My understanding is that it’s stackable with current incentives and A/X-plan however there’s real explanation as to how to receive.

I’ve heard of private client offers before, but what’s a Ford?


Unfortunately, a PCO can’t be requested. If you are a current Ford customer, you’re more likely to get one as an incentive to remain a Ford customer. I read on a couple of forums that you can try to generate one by frequenting the Ford website and providing your info/email when you get a pop-up. Hope this helps!

:point_up_2: this. Also, you can request literature on their website. That was how I received one in the past.

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Go poke around on their website and one might pop up

As stated already they really isn’t a sure fire way to get one, I got one towards the end of my ford lease, back in May there was a link on the f150 forum that was posted I’d check there also from time to time.

Hey folks, ended up finding one the Ford truck forum. I lucked into it really but if you find one it was real easy to activate.

I like the new Ford Bronco Sport. I possibly would wait at least 1-1.5 years before getting it, likely a purchase. In the meantime, what would be a good strategy to accumulate potential future discounts, specific credit card, or…? No Ford in garage.

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Has anyone had any luck recently with getting a Ford PCO? Looking around for and end of the month deal.

Go on some of the various Ford forums and ask around. Didn’t take long & people were super helpful

I actually got my last one from someone on here. Let’s be honest when it comes to saving on a lease there’s a lot more help on here.