Ford PHEV hybrid lease

Hello i was reading a different thread from 2020 someone ask a similar question as I’m about to ask just want to make sure Ford is similar.

Currently Ford is offering the federal tax credit on a lease $6800 and Oregon is offering $2500 on a lease or purchased vehicle plus xplan $1100 and $1500 autoshow discount would make it a decent buy for now. Ford leasing is a terrible choice, do they have any specific hold time to buyout a lease?

Thank for the help.

I would highly recommend not leasing a Ford if you’re looking to sell before the end of the lease. Ford makes it incredibly difficult for 3rd party buyouts.

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Also the MF on Ford PHEV leases approaches usury.

I’m planning on buying out the lease right away and having a commuter car once some more EV’s trucks are in the market I’d sell it.

Driving a 2020 sierra 15k as a commuter doesn’t make sense anymore.

Wouldn’t all of those incentives apply for purchase too? You could get a really low interest rate from DCU just to purchase outright. Also OR’s low sales taxes mean purchasing isn’t a heavier tax penalty.

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Not the federal tax credit until next year and im not sure if i’ll keep it a full year. Nwfc has low refinancing rates.

I don’t believe the federal credit actually requires you to hold the car for a year. Just need to be clear that you are not doing it for resale. I think the high MF combination plus potential restrictions and additional fees (lease buyout fees/Possible dealer fees?) would lead me to stick with financing. If you are going with a lease best to confirm and get in writing from Ford Finance what the terms are.

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I’ll have to read more about how the tax credit works then! I emailed a ford dealer he told me there is no early termination fee’s, but doubt they would tell me the whole story could just be teying to lure me in.

Check your farm Bureau for an additional $500

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