FORD MACH-E SELECT $399/M $0 DOWN Advertisement


I saw this ad and wanted to get some opinions on it. On the paper it looks like a deal to me, but then this is an advertisement posted by dealership so im little hesitant :slight_smile: dealership is located in TX

Ford has a ver low MF on MMEs right now. That’s probably legit on the Select trim if you can find one with no add ons.

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Still need to pay tax, title, acquisition fee, dealer adds etc at signing.


Becomes 599 real quick. Never go by advertised price. All that is is an msrp deal usually. Should be able to get these discounted I would think

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Good luck finding a base car too


I love when the ad has “not including dealer add ons” to leave carte blanche for huge mark ups.


You’re probably looking at $3,000+ in TTL, still seem the same deal to you?