Ford Fusion Energi

15,000 miles a year, 250 a month, HOV sticker included, leather, backup camera, apr .25%
Payoff 15.7k, CA tax rebate eligible, good deal?

PS 2016 Ford Fusion Energi SE

What’s the drive-off amount?

Michael, thanks for responding. I traded in a 12 year old Taurus with 145000 miles, body damage and multiple issues for a $500 credit. That was it. I wondered if I should’ve put $ down, but didn’t. California Dealer said Ford includes gap insurance in the lease and said not all do.

With tax, total payment 270 a month.

Could you share the MF and residual quoted to you?

Also, as a side note, green stickers are currently maxed out ( although there’s a bill (AB-1964) that seems likely to pass that will open the HOV lanes again to plug-in hybrids (

Apr 0.25%
15785 residual
Another dealer advertised the Ford Fusion Se gas version at 199/month + tax for 36 mos/12k. They offered one of those at 169 a month and the Energi at 199 + tax but I wanted the extra annual mileage. In retrospect should have clarified the extra miles at 15 cents per vs 20 cents but I forgot once I heard it had the HOV sticker.

I’m hoping the rebate and gas savings ultimately make it less expensive than the gas model lease

Is the dealership located in Bay Area? If so, what is the name of the dealer?

Allstate Ford Pittsburg

I think it is a part of a statewide push