Ford Focus Electric 2018

Anyone considered leasing this car? The ford website has a pretty good lease calculator on there. Apparently the 2018 model finally has DC fast charging which was a pretty big deficiency in the previous model…

The 2017’s already had DCFC.

I know I am resurecting an old’ish thread, just wanted to know if anyone pulled the trigger on this car and if someone could explain to me the incentives listed on the Edmunds website.

Did they start with $10,500 and in two days decided, “no it’s too much” and cut it to $7500?
Ford is listing this car on “special” for $183 for 39mo with money down, but effectively for $280 with zero driveoffs, which is rediculous for this car.

The incentives are regional (at least playing around with different zip codes on the ford calculator I saw 10,500 for the Northeast and CA, 8500 for me in the South), more than likely either Edmunds corrected for regional differences or when you first accessed the site, it didn’t have you listed in a specific zip code and then later when you visited it stamped your zip code and adjusted the incentives.

Thanks a lot for clarifying the issue. Still a stinky deal regardless of the amount of incentives. Maybe they will wake up and increase incentives when they start piling up on the lots, maybe not.

Yes, sometimes I don’t understand Ford and leases. They appear to be utilizing the “we will only sell/lease if we make money on every deal method”, instead of the “lets get lots of vehicles out to increase service revenue method”.

Well, with EVs there’s not much of service revenue, although I was constantly getting notifications for the oil change and other maintenance on my Chevy Spark EV that needed only wiper blades and tire rotation. Since Focus seems to be a purely or almost purely compliance vehicle, the carb credits they make on the vehicle itself should overshadow any loses they make “on the books”, but Ford is still a behemoth of the automakers and they tend not to move too quickly.
I am going to wait until they offer “real” incentives, seems to be in February March period for the last couple of years or just get a Honda Clarity EV.

My CMAX Energi required 0 maintenance in the 24 months I owned it. Put on 20k miles and only 2k of those were using gas so oil minder light never came on. I did have to have the SYNC head unit replaced because it crapped out, but that was more inconvenience than anything else.

Haha, my wife is driving a Fusion Energy for the last 2 years too, but drives so much that it forces me to do the oil changes and we also had to replace what they call a modem under recall, so far that’s it.

Would have bough a 2017 FFE but there’s no stock inTexas and the lease deal stinks.

Just completed the following deal for an Ingot Silver 2017 Focus Electric for my parents (NorCal). This was the last Focus Electric that the dealer had on the lot.

MSRP: $29995
Selling Price: $26900 (10% off MSRP)
Taxed Incentives: $13000 RCL Cash
Lease Terms: 36 months / 15k miles per year
Residual: 24% ($7180 buyout at end of lease)
MF: Not sure how much this ended up being. My total rent charge is listed as $87.17
Payments: $274.75 per month including tax, $0 drive-off ($9891.00 total lease cost)

The absolute kicker here will be the CA rebates. My parents qualify as low-income so they’re getting $4500 from CVRP + $500 from PGE. In effect this lease will cost them ($9891.00 - $5000)/36 = $135.86 per month, which seems pretty good for a 15k lease.

Any thoughts?