Ford F150 XL or XLT 25,000 mile lease

So here’s the 1st offer I’ve received. Ford is very weird with their leases everything is a variable based in options and rebates or lease cash vary greatly. Anyway please lmk what I should be doing to get the best deal.

I’m open to XL or XLT models but must have; 5.0 V8 or 3.5 EcoBoost, 8ft bed, Heavy duty payload option and 25k per year with at least powertrain warranty for the full mileage and term.

2018 F150 XLT SuperCab 4x4 300A:

MSRP: $47835.00

Invoice: $44613.44

Rebate: $3250.00

Selling Price: $40466.00

Lease Options (25,000 miles per year):

            1. $619 x 39 months with $840 due at signing

            2. $639 x 39 months with $860 due at signing (includes Ford Wear Care)

            3. $659 x 39 months with $880 due at signing (includes 4 yr/100,000 mile warranty)

            4. $679 x 39 months with $900 due at signing (includes Ford Wear Care and 4 yr/100,000 mile warranty)

The 4 year/100,000 miles warranty is comprehensive and covers everything that the factory bumper to bumper warranty covers. I did 100,000 miles because the next step down would be 75,000 and I wanted to make sure you were covered the whole time. Warranty cost is $1500.

The Wear Care is a product that Ford offers with leases intended to offset any excess wear or damage on the vehicle when it is returned. Typically when you return a vehicle, Ford will send someone to inspect it and you will get charged retroactively for any damage to the vehicle. If you purchase the Wear Care (cost is $700), it waives up to $5000 in excess wear charges upon lease termination. Thought this might be a good option for you since the truck will be used for work…

I assume its a 15k/yr lease with the extra miles paid upfront. Any idea what the cost is on the miles and % they are using on the lease? I don’t think the 39 months helps much on the payment on these, I think 36 works better, might want to look at 24 too

You need to finance this truck. You’re going to pay almost 27k for a 39 month lease on a 40k truck.

Also no RV and mf posted.

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From separate dealers I have discerned that Ford will go up to 19.5k per year and then you can prepay additional at .15 per mile. Now 1 dealer told me it doesn’t effect residual values and another said it does idk.

I don’t want to own them…if there’s equity at the end great, I’ll trade them in.

MF and RV vary greatly depending on build and options. So it’s hard to get an exact figure. I was hoping someone here could lead me to the rate sheet or something

You should get more details about that plan. There usually is a limit per panel (ie $1k/panel). If you are using this for work and if there’s major damage to a panel, it might not be covered under the plan.

There’s zero chance you have any equity on a lease like this.

ok so for a slightly different truck here’s the deal

XL supercab

MSRP $ 44,760

Selling price $ 41,042

Dealer discount $ 2968

Rebate $ 3250

Adj Cap Cost $41,035.73 inc taxes and fees no warranty or extra mileage

36/19.5 $546.74

RV 51% MF/Rate 1.55%

yeah the xl’s with the stx package lease out well right now. 9% is a pretty good discount. I’m pretty sure you get a refund on the miles that you prepay if you don’t use all of them. For that kind of mileage, that’s a good payment. Allot people on here think leasing with higher miles like this is a bad idea, I disagree. This allows you to know exactly what your costs are, buying you have no idea. Is that a SuperCab or SuperCrew?

Hey Joe. Yes I agree, it’s a fixed cost and in the future you always have the option to trade if there’s equity. At 1.55% or less it’s cheap money to have very little risk. I also think 51% at 25k is rather good considering the mileage. Idk just my thoughts

Here’s the latest deal:

F150 supercab longed 4x4 5.0 V8

36/19.5k rate 1.05% 51%RV

MSRP $45,795

Sale price $42,069 (Dealership discount)

Additional mileage $2475 (16,500 × .15)

Rebate - $3250

Wear care $700

Total Cap cost $ 41294

604 per month w 8.25% tax

Have you looked at a supercrew xl with the stx package, some of those give you a $2000k bump on the MSRP for the residual, then the MSRP is discounted. 2.7 ecoboost has some extra rebates too. Decent amount of equipment for $43k sticker price

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Lookup used values on these type of trucks. It’s amazing what they go for used with high mileage.