Ford F-150 Lariat 4x4 (2022)

MSRP: $58,570
SELL: $52640 ~10.13% discount
DAS: $619 (IL TTL additional $326)
Monthly: $619 incl IL taxes rolled (8.25%) upfront

TERM: 36/7.5k
MF: .001625 (3.90%)
RV 65%

Rêbates: $500 IL farm bureau incentive

I ordered this from Chapman back in October 21 and I lost any hope with build date going past May 1 at one point.

Now it has a delivery date in the last week of April.

I need other hackers input if this is a wise deal to get into ? I do NEED a truck at this current moment, or should I just get a SR5 Tundra or some other truck

As of build date it has a MSRP: $60,950 but Ashlie@Chapman said it’s a price protected order

10% off is a good deal tbh. why would you choose SR Tundra instead

I meant SR5 - since they’ve have similar payments.

Not saying this isn’t a good deal, as 10% off on any vehicle in this market is very solid. Just providing you with a new data point.

I ordered a Big Horn Ram (MSRP ~$53,950) Crew Cab on 2/28/22 and to delivery last Wednesday. It’s currently truck month, so you’re able to order lock in sales price, RV, MF and incentives.

I did a 36/10 lease on my Ram for $1,000 DAS and $424/month.

I am very happy with my truck and my monthly payment. I would have a hard time paying $200 more/month for a F150.

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Yeah ram is definitely a good deal. I have driven too many Rams in rentals and wanted something new that’s why Tundra and f159

Pretty good deal in this market. Are you sure you only need 7500 miles/year? Only way to sweeten it would be if you could find a Private Cash Offer from ford (direct marketing support) before you sign. They are like unicorns though.

I haven’t a kept a car for more than 7-9 months - I don’t plan to keep this that longer than a year. So I guessed 7.5k will be a safe bet. 10k is just 1% less residual

Wow 10% off is GREAT deal in this market!

I just ordered a F150 Lightning at MSRP.

Doesn’t Ford make it hard to buy/resell/access your equity at the end of the lease?

You may be better off financing it and having unrestricted access to the equity yourself.

That’s what I was wondering too. Hoping to find aCU to do a decent rate ballon loan

There’s plenty of ways around that restriction. Sell to a ford dealer directly, AutoNation, one of the brokers here who can run it through a ford store, etc

Why not finance for 60 or 72 months?

Automation offers have been pretty good lately - I put in the VIN for the one ordered at it came back to $56,000 with 5k miles

That’s still restricted to the Ford dealer network or someone like AN who processes through the dealer network.

Is this true that you’re able to lock in all the above? I was told you can’t lock in rebates.

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Yes, you take the better of the deals at time of ordering or delivery. It took my Laramie SW edition about 7 weeks from order to delivery. I’ve had it about a month and pretty impressed with how nice it is. Unfortunately, I missed the 0% for 72 months on the Laramie, but you can lock that in I believe. Still, got a solid deal with the SW package, base MF, almost 12% off, plus a small affiliate discount and a $1000 coupon from RAM.

Didn’t say it wasn’t. Just pointing out its not impossible and still a pretty liquid market. Not as easy as Chrysler Capital lease buyouts for example, but not that difficult to get out of Ford leases

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