Ford Explorer Platinum

Read earlier on Explorers not leasing well - considering a lease on a '17

MSRP: 54,875
Net cap cost: 48,740
residual 42% with $500 purchase option fee
lease rate .5%
36mo/18k year
drive off with first months payment of $750(includes $21.86 monthly sales tax)

good deal considering Explorers don’t lease well??

So the payment is $750 a month? If so that’s awful and BMW X5 territory

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How many explorers are you getting for the $750? 2?


You need to really like Explorers to take that over an MDX for 200-300 bucks a month less. Pilots can also be leased in 400s fairly well equipped.

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OP, I hope for your sake your out of pocket (tax/title/registration,etc) including 1st payment was $750.00 total

Payment seemed high to me and reason I posted, was just wondering if I was missing something in the numbers otherwise that might make deal better. 18k miles a year certainly adds some $ it seems vs. most deals quoted are 10.5-12.5/yr.

Wife likes the MDX but no Acura dealer within 2.5 hours - she really dislikes the Pilot and has zero interest in a X5. She currently drives a '14 Explorer and likes it.

Maybe it just makes more sense to buy it?

Still going to loose a lot of value over 3 years. If you change cars often buying only makes sense when the lease is at a high interest rate.

A fully loaded mdx with be 75 dollars a month less.

That’s a good point. Maybe just pick it up used if you’re stuck on that car?

Yeah, I only say that because they are getting rid of their 2014 in 2018. Meaning they don’t keep their cars long.

nyclife, is that figuring the same variables otherwise ? no $ down, 18k miles/yr ?

I buy my trucks and avoid all of this figuring - seems mighty easy compared to this figuring. The dealer always looks out for me on truck purchases and have purchased multiple vehicles from him over the past 8 years - almost feel guilty questioning the lease deal but $750 seems high - most here replied mentioning other brands but have not related to the specifics of the lease beyond the payment.

I’m not questioning the 750, the car just doesn’t lease well new or buy well new. If you really want a truck by one with a few thousand miles on it. I suggest looking at another car not lease vs buy. Buy used or find another car to lease.

Funny, my wife refused to even look at the pilot or any other Honda but was fine with the MDX she now leases.

I often forget how lucky I am with living in DC area for number of dealerships. Got four acura dealerships and five Infiniti dealerships within an hour. I can see how lack of competition really makes getting a good deal harder.

Not Platinums but nicely discounted Limiteds. When I was running these through the lease calc I was getting $400ish for 12k.

In the 17s the limited has the most money on them right now. I think 4300. If you qualify for x plan you can get one in the 500 to 600 range. I would also maybe look at a XLT with the appearance package. It looks just like the explorer sport for way less money. I am ordering an 18 XLT appearance package and a few other options. 0 down 12k 36 month and I will be in the 460 range all in because I am z plan. I can probably get you a friends and family code if you need it but I think the platinum isn’t worth spending 750mo

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If you are set on explorer, I would 2nd @ugafootball s recommendation to look at a lower trim and add packages to get your must haves. Ford sells Explorers/Expeditions with Leather seats as an option on the XLT trim level.

Are there GM dealers near you? The Traverse/Acadia may lease better than this Explorer.