Ford escape plug in hybrid, potential good deal


in CA, ford escape plug in hybrid can get at least $8,204 rebate. Consder msrp is $33,075 and ford has good residual value. This could be a good deal?

I see $6840 Lease cash on all three trims. Typo or does your zip show more?

Did you get the residual and interest yet from Edmunds?

Inventory is the problem: I only see 27 in the entire US, only 1 in CA (47k msrp).

I’ve failed twice in normal times trying to order/lease a Ford in CA - the big stores said no. The smallest local dealer was great, I made an appointment with the inventory manager and ordered my car, paid my deposit - and there my order sat without an allocation until my lease was up, so I cancelled it and leased a different brand.

Now, with the Mach-E perhaps the ordering process has improved? Someone will probably jump in and say they order a Purple king ranch F150 every month, but as an existing customer with their checkbook trying to order two different ones, no luck.

If you order one, my understanding (unless it changed) you can’t lock-in programs when you order: with Ford you get what’s offered at delivery. I’ve brought 2 in from out-of-state with very little hassle.

Good luck hacking an Escape :battery::electric_plug:

$8206 lease cash including CCF rebate

on a base plugin it has a 46% residual on a 36/10.5k with a 5.03 buy rate/MF 0.00209

Even with the high rebate the bank programs are awful, not looking like a hackworthy deal

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:rofl: did not know the residual value is 46%, not-hackable at all I guess

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