Ford End of Lease Restrictions

I currently lease a Ford F150 and my lease is ending next month. I have a deal in place to lease a Ram and I was looking to possibly trade or sell my F150 as part of the deal.

When my dealer called Ford to get the buyout, they made him call my original Ford dealership. The dealership wouldn’t call back. I eventually got them on the phone and the finance department told me that within the last three months of my lease I was wasn’t allowed to trade or sell my truck. They gave me my buyout but went as far as to tell me that “if i would trade my truck, it would make a whole mess.”

• Has anyone encountered this?
• Is Ford just saying this to try to get my return business or get my vehicle back in inventory?
• Would there be any negative consequences for me if I found a dealer that wanted to buy it?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Have you made the last payment? If so you can ground it anytime. Or get the RAM and drive the F150 one more month since you’ve paid for the utility of it.

What state are you doing in? It definitely doesn’t have to go back to the originating dealer (I leased a Ford in Delaware and grounded in CA, and another in NV and grounded in CA), but depending where you are a buyout/trade may be a PITA at this point.

My lease is in Pennsylvania and I have one payment left to make.

My concern isn’t so much returning it to the originating dealer, it’s getting the equity out of it that I believe I have — I had a 36 mo/12k lease and I only have 28k miles on the truck.

Carvana, Vroom, ALGO, etc should be quick ways to check which third parties are buying from Ford Credit

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I was told the same by ford credit before. They don’t allow third party buyouts in the last 90 days.

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That wasn’t entirely clear, why I asked. This is.

Unless something has changed, this is my understanding also. But a call to FMC will get you an authoritative answer.

Inside 91 days you would have to purchase the truck from Ford and resell, which could have tax implications.

I’m in the same situation with my Explorer 36m/12k lease with 2 months remaining. I only have 18k miles (haven’t driven at all since wfh). Ford told me same thing after I got a high quote from Vroom. I’m in NY so I think my only chance to capitalize on my equity would be to buy it outright and pay the NY sales tax and then hope to still get a high enough offer from Vroom, Carvana, etc to cover buyout plus the tax…which is risky.

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Thank you to everyone for the information. I guess I just chalk it up and return it. I’m not taking the chances of paying the taxes and not be able to sell it for a profit.

You live and learn. More than likely there won’t be a next time with Ford, but if so, I’ll know to take care of it three months prior to lease end.