Ford Credit One-Pay

I tried searching, but see no mention of Ford’s “Advance Payment Program” (see image below)
I tried Googling but can’t find any first-hand accounts of people who’ve used it
(it’s not built into the Leasehackr calculator, unlike the GM one-pay option)

Any information would be greatly appreciated, as we’re about to move on a Ford lease and would like to be as informed as possible before going in

Thank you!

Are you talking about Fords Red Carpet Lease? I am looking for info as well. It looks like you can save finance charges and Gap coverage cost

Yes, that’s right! I’m trying to do it for the great special they’re currently having on the 2017 Ford Focus Electric (149/mo + 2639 due at signing)

I have bonus cash from my local utility, so this would provide a great opportunity to use that money to lower the overall cost of the lease

Just want to be armed with all the details so they don’t try to BS me when I’m in the chair

Keep us in the loop, I am interested in the pro’s/ con’s you learn about and i will do the same.

Sure thing, will do!