Ford Credit MF Q1


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The Escape PHEV interest rate is not a typo.

Ford should just give away an EcoSport with every Maverick - nobody wants them




and 14.75% for 48 months

A sure way to signal their total lack of desire to own that risk. BYOF TYVM


yeah, that’s tier 0 (buy rate )( 720 CS) no MARK-UP :rofl:

Wow what a pile. Figured by the lease residuals and comparing leases between a Ford Mustang Mach e and a VW ID4 that Ford was giving back about $5400 of the $7500 Federal EV tax credit on a lease; aka keeping about $2100 of it.

Although with the interest rate on the leases of 5.65%; Ford is clawing back about $1500 more in interest. So one is really only getting about $4000 of the ev credit.

Does anyone have any experience with Ford Leas. If putting about $18000 of trade in value on a car. Can you get the money factor down. Or pay the minimum take the cash differential. So i can put it on the other truck loan and get the interest value back?

You’d be better off starting a new thread with more details on the Ford you’re trying to lease.

you can do one pay lease with Ford Credit . it will reduce your MF

Happy Hunting !


Thank for this but dont understand the reduced lease factor? This applies if you pay off the entire balance? They give you have the interest off on a 3 year lease?

With a one pay, you pay the entire lease up front. In exchange, you get a reduction in money factor, making the total lease cost a lot lower

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also ask them to pull up invoice from FMCdealer .

Example of the INVOICE

AZ- Plant employee and Ford retirees ( usually beatable if you have trade-in )
X plan - Supplier discount
FPA- Floor plan assistance
AA- Advertisement assistance

Check also conditional rebates and incentives at
They are free . it’s from the Ford Credit .
Tier 0 usually Trans Union 720 CS ( Best Rates ) See picture above .

Darn X plan is just over invoice. What’s D plan? (Dealer employee?)

correct employee or dealer personal,

For D,A-Z plans “Ford Credit” does not permit dealer Mark-Ups
instead dealer will receive Flat Fee of 250$ from Ford Credit .

Also example buy rate is 3.6% mark up is (2.50% X plan ) on 36 months l lease .



any updated MF for February? Working with a ford dealer now on Escape PHEV.

it’s still valid through April 1st 2022

confirm with Edmunds

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Can you update Q2 ford numbers when you have them? This is super helpful. Thanks

sorry, no access to FMCdealer anymore

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check with Edmunds

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