Ford Bronco Lease?

All, the Edmunds forums don’t list any current/active leases for 2021/2022 Broncos. What gives?

Does anyone have any experience trying to order a Bronco and lease it? What are dealers telling you?

Alternatively, for a purchase option, is anyone aware of Ford dealers offering less than MSRP on new orders? I know this is big in the Wrangler community, but am unsure if there are established dealers that play this game with the Bronco.

I’d reach out to chapman and inquire

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Right. Was considering Koons as well. Good call.

Some interesting info on how to push your Bronco order through:

"Remove From Order And Install Later (part #'s listed below - must be ordered via parts department):​

  • Paint Protection Film (nationally capacity is 2% vs. 14% order mix)

  • Alternative: Paint Protection Film (Part #VM2DZ-2120000-A)
  • Trailer Tow (national capacity is 31% vs. 62% order mix)

  • Alternative: Trailer Hitch Kit (#MB3Z-19D520-A) & Wiring Harness for Trailer Hitch Kit (#FT1Z-15A416-A)
  • MIC Hard Top (switch to soft top w/ prep kit on 4 door)"

I asked yesterday, Chapman they said they are out of allocations thru 2025

Unreal that anyone would find that acceptable. That could up 2-6 cars for LH members :grinning:

2 cars from me. 1 from my sister for trx

Can’t imagine how many 4xe are in order from LH

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My local Ford dealer told me regarding Broncos: We have a few in stock and they range somewhere between $15k -$30k over MSRP depending on trim level. These vehicles are going for over what we are asking at auction and that is with being now a second owner vehicle and having mileage. It is a crazy market we are in right now.

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You can do much better than this.

And you listened?!?! j/k sorta

From what I gather looking over fora, the Bronco has lost a lot of luster, for many different reasons.

Ha… heard what they said and moved on.

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I have a reservation for a Lightning. We’ll see when it actually gets a build slot. Maybe next year? It’s clear people are responding to Ford’s build/allocation strategy. Crazy demand for the Bronco, crazy demand for the Lightning, and now the Maverick is “sold out” too. The 4XE is just so much more attainable, and the leases are very compelling. Shame, would love to try a Bronco but it may not be in the cards. Odd aside, the 2.3 and 2.7 seem quite slow with packages that have the larger tires.

I’m now seeing more and more Mavericks around, a LOT more than 4xE’s, for example, so I know Ford is putting them on the road. Still waiting to see a Lightning in person, and still waiting for the first person to post a pic of a Canoo in the wild.

There’s so much uncertainty in ordering a vehicle right now, I’m not sure which direction to turn. Need something by end of March. Was going to order a 4XE, but have seen it take from 5 weeks to people still waiting on orders from Oct '21.

Here are some data points for our Stellantis order to delivery timeframes:

  • ’21 Gas Wrangler Unlimited Willys Sport: 9/28 order, 11/11 delivery
    Basic spec, only add-on is the black hardtop.
  • ’22 GC Summit 2-row: 12/14 order, KZ on 1/12 or 1/13, KZ LD (final shipping leg) today
    Only add-on is the V8.
  • ’22 4XE Rubicon: 1/6 order, D status on 1/19
    Only add-on is the black hardtop.

BX = good order available for scheduling
BB = fleet order only review by bid department
BD = special equipment processing
BE = edit error - coding error which must be corrected before order can be scheduled
BG = order has passes edit but cannot be scheduled regardless of sold status

Reason Codes:
F = finance hold - automatic cancellation after 15 days
B = model or option build out
L = material restriction
M = material hold (fleet)
ZA = canceled order

C = tentative schedule
D = firm schedule: serial number assigned
D1 = gateline: unit sequenced for production, est ship date assigned

E = framing
F = paint
G = trim

I = unit built, pending final inspection
J = vehicle passed final inspection but not released to carrier
JB = shipped to body vendor
JE = shipped to emissions
JJ = consigned to body vendor
JS = shipped to storage
KZ = released by plant and invoiced

Traffic Codes:
KZ L = released but not shipped
KZ M = first rail departure
KZ N = first rail arrival
KZ O = delayed/received
KZ OA = plant hold, quality audit
KZ OB = zone, dealer, sales, vehicle prep, tax, diversion or derailment hold, dealer refusal, vehicle diverted
KZ OC = carrier delay, strike-bound, emission or safety hold, rail car shortage, bad or insufficient load, inclement weather, need shipping order, manifest error
KZ OD = mechanical failure, glass damage, vehicle in repair, lacking parts or storage hold
KZ OE = misdropped or misshipped vehicle
KZ OF = shipped air freight, stolen vehicle recovered, show vehicle, test info code, vessel sailed
KZ OG = damaged vehicle, stolen vehicle, abandon to carrier, vehicle scrapped, donate vehicle, repair and auction
KZ OH = all other type carrier codes
kZ R = vehicle within a few days of dealer
KZ T = second rail departure
KZ U = second rail arrival
KZ X = delivered to dealer
KZ Y1 = major damage must not be sold as new
KZ Y2 = major damage vehicle sold at auction

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Fords just don’t lease well typically. I have a Bronco on order and between the MF and RV (probably very low, it’s in the low 60s for 36mo), it makes much more sense to buy.

That being said, I reserved in Fall 2020, Ordered in Feb 2021, reordered a 22 in November 2021, and am still waiting.

The 3 dealerships that sell well under sticker are Chapman, Stephens Auto Center in Danville WC, and Granger Ford in Granger Iowa. With all 3, you’re looking at most likely 2 years if you order today.

  • Ford is cutting vehicle production next week of several key products due to an ongoing global shortage of semiconductor chips.
  • Impacted products include the F-150 pickup, Mustang Mach-E electric crossover, Bronco SUV and other vehicles.

autoevolution: Thousands of Ford Broncos Pile Up at Ice Mountain, the Reason Is Too Familiar.

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Poorly written. Makes the claim folks are immediately flipping…are there any Bronco forums followers that confirm this?

I wonder how they are going to make sure animals don’t make nests inside of the vehicles if they’re parked out there being weathered by the elements. Pretty sure little critters would love to find a spot away from the snow.