Ford 3rd Party Buyout

I’m trying to sell my car (2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid) to a third party and FMCC and the dealership from which I leased the car from, cannot give me a definitive answer.

I first contact FMCC to get a dealer buyout quote and their position is that the selling of leased vehicles are delegated to the dealership - so I call the dealership and they are claiming that any payoff questions should be directed to Ford Credit and that the only time dealer gets involved is if the lease is due within 120 days from payoff. FMCC representative specifically said Carmax has purchased leased cars from dealerships and so it doesn’t look like there’s a ford policy that prohibits third party buyouts, but I’m getting nowhere as FMCC and dealer are each pointing fingers to the other in getting the buyout info…

Has anyone encountered this type of situation? What can you do in this case? Is the only way to transfer the lease or just do the buyout myself?

ford wont allow it. stop wasting your time.


nothing. if they had any interest in moving the vehicle they wouldn’t be pointing at eachother.

GMTV, who before the mass exodus of a few weeks ago worked with everyone except Ford.

Sell it to a ford dealer that’s willing to match or come close to a 3rd party offer.

Didn’t know that selling to a different ford dealer was an option; thanks for the tip. Would the process be any different between a 3rd party and another ford dealer?

The ford dealer will say they will offer you more if you get another Ford? :slight_smile:

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