For those with MB cars get your free wiper blades


Thx for sharing! Submitted mine!

Yes…thanks for the info.

I wonder if Motor Trens long term test of this months issue had anything to do with this? At 9 months he needed wiper blades, rear one he could not find except for Amazon and the dealer. Rear 12 inch blade $35, two front $70. Seems like they should last much longer. Usually I get a couple of years of use.

I think this is highly dependent on where you live and how frequent wipers are needed. At the 1 year mark, I’m overdue to replace mine and it’s very noticeable

Is there a catch? Why are they giving them away?

Contingent on vehicle undergoing a complimentary Multi-Point Inspection at a participating Mercedes-Benz dealership

My guess would be it’s some kind of data collection, perhaps on the state the fleet so to speak. Or just a service upsell to get people in the door and hopefully the mechanic can find issues that require other service lol

A. They are getting your information. That has value.

B. It’s contingent on a complimentary inspection…after which they will presumably suggest maintenance for your vehicle.

Correct- it’s a growing trend now. Free stuff for data to generate the best predicative marketing softwares. You should see the predicative marketing tools we use for both real estate and headhunting. You can pay a credit card company and buy their analytics (your ethnicity, age, gender, how you spend your money, etc). So if you want to invest in a company I highly recommend Facebook, Visa, American Express and Google. They have the most clientele and data therefore a lot of large companies buy their info. Sorry for nerding out but to say I love numbers and finance is an understatement. Data is everything and I watch and invest like a hawk for the past 5 years. They are still sleeping giants given their run-up in stock price. Companies with the most and refined data can control the market.

Speaking of free wiper blades, if im leasing a loaner how do I know when service is due, since it says 1 year or 10k miles, is it going to pop up the wrench after 1 year of driving from 0 miles or is it up to me or do I just wait till 10k miles.

It’s on you to get it done. One year or 10k, whichever is earlier.