For Sale: 23 Mustang GT premium California Special 49k

Don’t pay MSRP. Selling for less. Special package with Miko Suade seats and V8! Realized we need something bigger.

Year, 2023
Make, Ford
Model, Mustang GT premium with California Special Trim
Location: Boca Raton Fl

MSRP: 52.5k
Price: 47k
Monthly payment (pre-tax): N/A
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): n/a

Current mileage: 900 miles ( slowly climbing)

Financial institution: Ford Credit

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: like new… because it is.


There were brokers doing 10% off on orders for these before the swap to 2024 which is a substantial upgrade imo. Think this is gonna be really hard to move.


Thanks! Were is the key here. 24s are at 54k for a regular GT and look ugly :slight_smile:

California special but in Florida? What??? This must be the @TheSmoke09 special

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Han not quite. It was off leasehakr deal :wink:

With the redesigned 24’s on lots this will be a tough ask. That being said, I’ve got 42k for ya…


Too lazy to look up the meme and post it but:

“Not Sure If Serious”


Already got 44.6 from local dealers :slight_smile: no need for knuckle dragging.