For sale - 2022 Ioniq 5 SEL for $35k

We are selling our 2022 Ioniq 5 SEL with 36000 miles on it.

Exterior color- Cyber grey
Interior - Grey

Single use, very good condition, garage parked, and no accidents or aftermarket mods.

Asking $35k. Pickup from Central jersey, NJ.

Edit - MSRP - 52k.

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do you want to post the MSRP and the window sticker so people can see the details? Also, this looks like way more than people here will pay. have you had any luck with carvana or private party? Tried these options? → List of places to sell or value your car online

Thank you.
Added MSRP Above.

Still need to check with other sites, first posted here based on avg kbb value.

Agree, window sticker and photos would be helpful.

Reinforcing hackerr’s point, members are usually looking for a deal, not average KBB

23 SEL are approx 40K brand new (52.5 - 7.5k - 5k dealer discount). I think they also get NJ rebate of 4k (with a total cost of 36k and get 3 year maintenance and 2 year free charging). I think it’ll be hard to find someone here who’d pay 35K for a previous year car with 36K miles on it.


7.5k is only through lease, not for buy.

NJ chargeup is only $1500 for MSRP above 45k.

Not sure about NJ, but I’m seeing $7500 retail bonus cash on purchases, and $2500 for loyalty in SoCal. The exclusion of SEL AWD is also gone, so I would assume a total of $10k for current Hyundai owners. Combine that with $5k off msrp and you’re at $37k for a new SEL AWD.

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Only SEL AWD has 7500 off without lease. Not sure if it is nationwide or not. check out this link on Hyundai site.
Ioniq offers

Good to know about the NJ rebate being only 1500 for cars more than 45k.

Thank you Guys.

Sold to a private party for 32k.