[FOR NJ] 2023 Tesla Model 3 RWD - 36mo 10k mi $1600 DAS $356mo

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Telsa Model 3 Base/RWD
36 months
10K miles
$1600 down (stupid Acquisition fee + paperwork)
$4000 point of sale NJ EV rebate/incentive (applied toward down payment on order)
$356 per month - NJ

Direct through Tesla Website using Tesla Lease.


I didn’t know Tesla was doing the incentive pass through?

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So $5600 DAS? And $4000 of that coming back?

They aren’t.


In nj the $4000 is a state point of sale rebate……so it is automatically applied. This has nothing to do with the federal $7500


Can you imagine if they passed along the $7500.

Not bad really for a Tesla.

@TommyBoy did you have to order this or was this in stock/in transit ?

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They have a bunch in stock, but I anticipate the price coming down even further or when it loses the $7500…. They just give you the $7500 off up front. Tesla did that in December before the tax credit came back. Also hardware 4 is coming out and these old hardware 3 will be difficult to sell


What was the MSRP? When you say base, do you mean standard range?

Correct, the $4000 is instant, will post screen shot…

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It was already in stock/transit, pick up is Lawrenceville, NJ in about 10 days. Not bad at all for a Telsa, brother and a friend got the same deal and will pick up same day as me.


MSRP was $42,990 and yes it would be standard range, will post screen shot of order shortly. I believe the 23’ Model 3 standard range is now just called RWD I just call it a base. Lol

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Cool. Thanks. Just curious, what is the range on the “standard range?” You are in NJ, do you not drive in the snow (if we ever get it) or do you plan on buying a set of dedicated winter wheels & tires?

No problem. Standard range is estimated to be 272, but that’s under ideal conditions like warm weather and flat or down hill driving under 65mph. NYC/NJ area especially if you’re hanging out above 70mph (more like 90) I’ve seen as low as 210-215 in the winter. Just like an ICE, if you’re flying and running AC, etc…its gonna suck it down quick. In regards to snow, I’m in NW NJ so we do get tons of surprises with either snow or ice but local guys and DOT tend to keep the roads in very good shape during/after any crazy weather. Honestly, this is just going to be a little commuter car (free L2 charging at work) for me so it will keep its stock tires and I’ll play it by ear. It does help that I can work remotely if needed and avoid that mess altogether :laughing:


That 4000$ makes it a no-brainer lease in NJ. Congrats and enjoy the ride.


No sales tax for us either on EVs in NJ :raised_hands:


2 PLUSES FOR the Garden State

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How do you get to this breakdown where you see $4k deducted. When I go to order it’s not showing it. Only showing me $675 due ordering today. Still see $4500 down payment under lease estimate.

Same question as above … I asked Tesla support for actual numbers based on zipcode and they just spit out an estimated number that I see on the calculator.

Folks outside of NJ will see much higher monthly due to the two major factors at play: No sales tax for NJ residents and Charge Up rebate.

Enjoy the ride! Insurance is a bit high on these 23 M3 but at this monthly I’d rock it too.