For lease transfer of BMW 440, does the buyer pay the seller the cash due amount?

Hello folks,
I’ve never done lease transfer before and am interested in transferring my lease. When I looked through other posts of lease transferring, people always listed the Cash Due (if any). Does that mean that I can ask the potential buyer to directly pay me the “Cash Due” amount from my lease contractor or the price is negotiable or nothing from the buyer?

Thank you!

Yes, you can structure the deal any way you like. Say you put a lot of money down to lower the monthly payment- you can ask the person to pay you cash at the time of transfer (cash due) to compensate you, along with any MSDs which they get back at the end.

It’s a free market. It’s up to each buyer and each seller to agree or not agree to terms offered by someone.

Depending on the payment, miles remaining, etc cash could go in either direction (to buyer from seller or vice versa).

Thank you!