Focus RS residual better now that they are going away?

Just wanted to ask a random question.

With Ford getting away from selling cars in the US pretty soon do you guys think that for a rare car like the 2017 Ford Focus RS the residual and resale will improve given the supply and demand nature?

If so, would it be a good idea to purchase a brand new 2017 Ford Focus RS and resell or trade in a few years with limited downside?

It’s still a Ford, not an exotic.

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Same thing was said about the s2000. A nice low mile example that’s 15 years old is about 20k now.

So all he has to do is buy a 2017 Focus RS, hold on to it for 15 years, not drive it, and pray people care about it in 15 years?

Ok you prefer a Chevy SS. They are still basically at what they were going for off the lot (not MSRP).

That wasn’t my argument… It’s the conditions that existed for the S2000 to begin increasing in value. It’s very possible the same can happen to the Focus RS, but hindsight is 20/20 and we don’t have a crystal ball.

The last years of the s2k are basically $25k in anything short of beat to hell condition.

Right, not the Focus RS. We have no way of telling how the Focus RS will hold value in 15 years from now.

Also, from reading OP’s other threads, it just looks like he’s out to have a bunch of thrills on a sports car and put a ton of miles on it while looking the part without taking a financial hit when he’s(she?) is done with it in under three years. Just doesn’t seem realistic is all I’m saying. Then again, that’s just what I’ve analyzed and inferred from their posts.