Florida (Tampa bay) X5/X6 or similar SUV?

Looking at X5/X6 or similar SUV if anyone knew of any good offers. Located around Tampa Bay.

My best suggestion is to check out United BMW (just north of Atlanta…). I shopped around the Tampa area back in January for a 3 series with no luck. I ended up flying up to Atlanta (about $100) and driving back my 3 series. No one in Tampa could come close…

appreciate it. is there any one at United you would recommend working with?

I worked with Andy… Told him what I wanted/willing to do… He got back to me a couple of hours later with a few vehicles…

You should reach out to Bmw of Sarasota. I get my MILs cars from there, the Sales Director will do skinny deals, but they have a high doc fee ($1k).

Here is his contact info:

Emilio Torres
New Car Sales Director

Phone: 941.923.2700 ext 281
Fax: 941.923.0429
Email: etorres@bmwofsarasota.com