(FLORIDA) Selling a vehicle, sales tax credit, need some advice

Ok so here’s the story

I purchased a vehicle, brand new and financed the entire amount inclusive of sales tax.

After a few months, I got tired of the vehicle and the dealer offered to buy it from me ( different dealer ).

I have another car on order with them although the car is HALF the price of my car, which theoretically means the sales tax on it should be HALF.

Now here’s the pickle, Can I sell the car to the dealership and have me paid? Most importantly, can they hold the sales tax credit and apply it to my other vehicle?

Would love some assistance here.

No, the trade in and new purchase have to be done as part of a single transaction

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They can probably do it if the difference is only couple of weeks but like @mllcb42 said it has the be in a single transaction. Just ask them.

Appreciate it everyone

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