Fleet discount from Mercedes

How do you find out which companies participate on fleet discounts from MB does anyone has a list. Thanks in advance

Its 500 on top of current incentives

In all models

How do you prove it just with your paystubs

When I worked for Hershey food corporation, we had an HR portal to print a certificate. Didn’t use it, I wasn’t a lease hacker at the time though… and now I work for a sub company that doesn’t provide it.

Paystub, business card, work id, sending a email to sales rep email

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If I can link to parent company than you qualify for fleet too

Gotcha, we had an HR portal page on it, never looked into the specifics. Probably not. Employer is owned by a trust, who owns controlling stake in company that has fleet. I work for Hershey entertainment, Hershey food has Mercedes fleet.

I work for AT&T and it is one of the companies on the list so I should qualify

Yes you will qualify.

Will the fleet incentive stack with whatever the current lease incentive is on a particular model? I tried finding my contract from my e300 to see if that’s how that on e worked at but can not find it right now.

Why does it matter? And did you search for other threads on MB fleet?

It does not stack with current lease incentives. It is which ever one is more

What do you mean? For example, in that PDF, it says $1,500:

Does it apply to loaners as well?
Isn’t it $1,500 off the sale price?

It does apply to loaners as well. Currently incentive for the C300 is $1500 Fleet would be $2000 and you would choose whichever one is more not less. Typically with loaners they include it into the price advertised.

Is there a fleet discount on the e53 amg

Fleet incentive will range from an additional $500-$1000 depending on vehicle.