Fix small crack in windshield before selling lease?

I have a 2020 Volvo XC60. It looks like I have around $7k in equity. The car is in great shape except for a 1-2" crack in the windshield.

I wish I had had my insurance cover this, but chose not to because I had paid for the warranty that covers $8k of damage and thought “why bother / risk my rates going up”. Wish I had done it when I had the chance.

Should I fix the windshield before I turn it in? Does it matter if I use a lower cost service to replace it vs Volvo?

Thanks in advance.

Call them but on my VW a broken windshield was $400 turned in

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If you paid for excess wear and tear and you’re going to ground the lease, I wouldn’t fix it.

Your only option to cash out the equity are to buy it yourself and sell to a third-party, or trade it on another Volvo. What’s your plan there?

Do you know if the crack is fixable, or does it need a windshield?

I didn’t word this well. I’m thinking of selling it to Carvana and wondering if I should fix the windshield before selling it to them. Looking at having around $7k in upside.

Did you disclose the issue when requesting the quote?

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I would at least get an estimate from Safelite to see if it’s fixable or if it needs a windshield.


How recent is the buyout quote?

If it was November I would tell you not to worry about it. The used car market is getting soft(er) and the third parties have a lot of inventory. Not to say that they don’t want your car, but they don’t need it like they did three months ago.

Few options:

Check the cash price of the cheapest local place. Trade in / dealers only look for cracks, they dont look for the brand of windshield.

Check your insurance for coverage (some states have no deductible windshield coverage)

Buy a self-repair kit on amazon. 1-2" might not be repairable but I was able to get out of a $1500+ windshield on a tesla where multiple places said “too close to edge” but a $20 amazon windshield repair kit completely made the chip disappear.

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