Fix scratches on plastics?

I scratched the plastics on the mirror of my Wrangler when parking next to a pillar. How can I fix it? I plan to flip it in 2 weeks. Will it hurt my selling price if I don’t fix it?

On a Wrangler something that minor most likely won’t affect your selling price to a dealer at all.

And by the looks of it it’ll probably come out if you just scrub it with a soapy sponge.

Try cleaning and spreading that across whole mirror frame.

If not, a torch might be able to fix it but would be a little nerve racking to work with.

Don’t use a torch or heat gun, very easy to go overboard and mess the plastics up. Get some back to black and throw it on all the plastics before taking it in to make all the plastics look uniform. It’s like $8.

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