Fix It Again, Tony



My Stelvio has been back for more recalls in 7 months of ownership than any car I’ve ever owned combined over 10 years.


Looking forward to buying a $10k low mile Giuilia in a couple of years.


Better put back double that for repairs and a self-supplied loaner.


Really? i only had mine serviced once and I guess they did recalls then. I hope…haha. I don’t use cruise control so this can wait til the next oil change. I got free maintenance for my entire lease bc my idiot dealer made several mistakes/lies. Still very happy with the stelvio at 6,000 miles


whaaaaat. Alfa Romeo in lack of quality control issue?


I’d say this is lack of quality assurance. It’s systemic.

But then I’m a nerd who’s been in Quality for 20 years :nerd_face:



I’m just going to park it in the living room and admire its delicate beauty.


Get some Pig Mats.


laughs in Jaguar


oh crap I’m driving to vegas from LA this weekend and I planned on using cruise control.


Hope you’re already on the road and past San Bernardino or are leaving tomorrow


What kind of loaner do they give you?


Usually it is a base Stelvio or Giulia, though once they gave me a Fiat 500L which I threw a major fit over because, well, it’s a Fiat 500L…


Do the loaners breakdown?


What a second, are you trying to say that loaner cars have loaners too? That’s allot of farts


In a word: yes. My Dad had a Stelvio loaner when his was in and it died in his driveway.


So what you’re saying is that there’s allot of cars out there being farted in, it’s an endless cycle of cars and farts


Not sure if I want to laugh or smh in disbelief. I got close to getting in an Alfa…


But when the whole door pulled off in your hand it scared you away?