Fix for scratches on BMW bumper?

Hi folks,

I am 4 months from finishing my lease, but I haven’t had the inspection yet. I have a couple of scratches on my bumper from someone who (I’m assuming) hit me when leaving a parallel parking spot.

I’m trying to figure out what’s best in terms of cost of repair. I’ve already been quoted $800 from a local body shop, but that seems high.

Has anyone had success fixing scratches with products like Chipex?

Thanks in advance!

You can do a lot better than that

I am in the body shop industry and $800 doesn’t necessarily seem out of line. There is a lot of disassembly involved in painting a bumper. You can’t just paint the affected area and get a good result. The bumper has to be removed from the car as well as remove sensors, reflectors etc. Also, is this a white pearl? If so, that is a 3 stage paint process vs the normal 2. Yes $800 is a lot of money, but it’s not out of line as to what is usual and customary for that job. Mind you, an $800 job would be returning the car to factory condition. Not just a “patch up.” If you’re going the “patch up” route, I wish you good luck on the inspection. Also, that is beyond “touching up.” It will look worse not better.

Thanks for the response and explaining the process. I’m thinking that it’s probably better to get this fixed by a professional than a diy job

I’d try to get it detailed and see if they can polish out at least the yellow streaks; if the damage is newer it might be possible get it out completely with just a clay bar.

However, I’d wait on any repairs until after your pre-inspection is complete; the dings might be small enough that it gets chalked up as normal wear and tear.

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Even if they don’t consider it wear and tear, they may charge less than $800.

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Even if they don’t consider it wear and tear, they may charge less than $800.

That’s what I’m hoping. Haven’t been through this process before so I’m not so sure what to expect.

Do the pre-turn in inspection. They’ll let you know the cost. If it’s more than $800, take it to the body shop. If it’s less, just pay bmw.

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There is little reason to get this fixed before turning it in especially for BMW. There is a chance that inspector will mark it as within tolerance, if not, there is a chance that BMW will charge you less than 800$ quote. And depending on how you ask and whether you are repeat customer, BMWFS customer service may refund your whole or partial charges. Either way, chances are to your side it will cost you less doing nothing.


Thanks for clarifying some of the reasons why body work, especially the labor, adds up. However I would add that, unless the OP states otherwise, this car is Alpine white which is a non-pearl, non-metallic white.

Exactly. Color is Alpine White

Another option would to see if you can find somebody selling a used rear bumper; they can usually be swapped out in a few hours with some basic tools. Could be cheaper than the $800 body shop route and be good enough to pass lease return without invoking a penalty.

What I would not do:

Touch up paint. Even if you get a great match it will stand out. I agree with what others said- BMW might miss it. Or they might forgive it. Or they might charge you under $800! There are several ways to come out ahead😎

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Appreciate all the responses. Thanks everyone!

Even if it’s Alpine White and not 3 stage, that doesn’t significantly reduce the cost. I think if it were me I’d risk it and not do anything. As long as they don’t hit you for over $800 in repairs at turn in…you’re ahead. A bad repair may make matter’s worse. As some other’s have said, a good buffing my at least take out the yellow streaks or at least minimize them.


Appreciate the insight! I’m definitely not going to do anything until I get an inspection and BMW assess it from their end.