Fishy Jeep Grand Cherokee Numbers?

Just got this worksheet from a local Jeep dealer. Some of these numbers look strangely high such as the DMV fees and the DUE AT SIGNING and REBATE line items.

Mind you this was on a floor demo with about 4600mi on it.

This is more of a learning experience for me than anything else. I am working to pull the trigger on a lease in the next month.

“Hey look how much money we’re losing!”

I guess I’m confused about the $7245 due at signing and the tax seems off. I could totally be reading this wrong though.

Includes the rebate, and they’re high if they think that $3k off on demo is a good deal. I’d ask for triple that

@noblemotorcars broke it down for you, which part are you still confused about? You pay 3k, rest is a rebate…which you don’t pay, which totals 7250.

Where the $2995. I told them I wanted to pay tax title fees upfront.
@joeblogs I thought that discount was pretty weak too on the demo.

Where it says cash due $2995, fyi this deal sucks, you could get a new one for less because the residual would be higher. Don’t pay anything upfront, roll everything in. Have you talked to other dealers? Don’t go to another dealership, work them online and over the phone

Yes I have a bunch of dealers waiting to call me back. BTW I would never take this deal. We happened to drive past and my better half wanted to stop in.

I think I can get a JGC Limited + Luxury II in the mid to high 3’s or am I the one that’s high?

Tax, DMV and doc fee comes out to $2886.30, so it’s close.

@beatmix do you know how they came up with that 25144.50 net residual?

Adjusted for the miles, it’s a demo, so the residual is reduced by x amount for each mile, looks like $0.20 per mile.

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