First time selling a lease to vroom. Things to look out for

Hi all. I have a 2020 rx 450h fsport that is due Mar 2022. I got a quote from vroom for 45500. On my Lexus financial account I see that if I buy out the lease it would be 43990. Im interested in selling it to vroom and look for another lease.

I’ve never done this before so I wanted to ask your advice and things to watch out for.

PS. I have 3 MSDs when I leased the Lexus ($3150) I believe

You’ll need to verify if your buy out price has the msds already applied to it or not

Is that something I contact Lexus FS for?

Ya, you’ll need to verify with them

And what’s after that? Tell vroom it’s a lease with lexus?

Are you really paying ~$1050/mo for you RX?

Wait no haha. My mistake. I guess I have 6 MSDs. My monthly payment after tax is 519

I’m sure youve probably read all of the “you should run away screaming from vroom” posts, but since this one is directly aligned with my current experience…

I opted to sell my leased Lexus to Vroom because they were the highest by a couple hundred. I wish I would’ve taken less locally.

They have my vehicle. It’s listed on the website. Lexus still hasn’t been paid. I have just made my SECOND lease payment on the Lexus since we agreed to the deal, signed papers, and provided payoff.

I have to call them every ~3 days and explain to a new person every time. They assure me I’ll get a call back. I have yet to ever be called. We are ~40 days in.

If you have another offer that is close, Carvana, CarMax, etc. Take. That. Offer. Instead.

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Wow thank you for that. Really appreciate it

Sold my 2019 Tacoma lease Toyota Finance (TF) to Vroom last month, about $2K over other offers. My MSD check was sent from TF, delayed couple of weeks since Vroom Initially sent payoff to wrong TF address. Other Issue was convincing transport guy to provide bill of lading at pickup, he didnt speak english and my spanish was poor, we worked it out. BOL is needed to get paid by Vroom .

Just sold mine to ALGO, and they text me when it was picked up. I text them back asking about payoff, they said finance will issue the check within 72 hours and overnight it to NMAC and provide me with tracking.

Been great with them.

I’m going to have to go through the same thing, the market is so insane right now. This is what I got with Carvana this morning, its $5k+ above my buyout so its a no brainer. The numbers are getting silly at this point.

To expedite things a bit, I recommend reaching out to lexus fs yourself and requesting payoff letter to be sent to as well as your personal email.

Thank you all for the advice. Ill reach out to lexus FS to get the payoff statement (which purpose is to show how much it will be to buy out the lease?)

I probably will sell to because carvana pays less and everyone seems to like

I’ve set my eyes on the glb 250. Is it worth it to buy any of the lease protection plans? I know most of you will say no but I can’t protect what happens to my car when I’m not in it. My current lexus lease has a tiny line of scratch

jeez I was very close to selling a car to Vroom lucky for me CarMax gave me 1k more

I agree…I checked a few cars again yesterday and a 3 month old lease on a BMW is $2k positive with Carvana. That is clearly not the historical norm.

Did Toyota give you a dealer payoff? They will only give me a quote with sales tax and my understanding is there is no tax if it’s dealer to dealer sale.

The payoff did not include sales Tax. Payoff for Vroom was same as my buyout price.

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