First time leasing Tesla, trying to make sense of it all

Hey guys, need your help, please.
I am trying to lease a Tesla model Y - long range. This is my first Tesla, so far I’ve been somewhat shocked with the experience. Not really knowing exactly what you will pay for your monthly lease and for total DOD before spending $250 and going through the app. However, what is more shocking to me is that if I want to change the configuration of the car to see my actual number (instead of the "estimated) the sales guy told me I will need to go through credit report pull, new application submittance, etc.
Basically, there are a couple of questions/concerns I have:

  1. I submitted an original application for a gray car dealer has on the lot for 24 months lease on Y car. However, now I am thinking before I take delivery of the car, maybe I should lower my monthly payments if I go 36 months. For that the sales guy said I need to reapply in order to get a new number. However, if there is an insignificant change in the payment and I want to go back to 24 months, I will need to reapply again. That is crazy, no?
    What do you guys think is leasing Tesla best for 24 or 36 months?

  2. What are ALL of those extra charges on top of the downpayment they charge that is due on delivery? Even though Tesla wanted me to put down $4,500, I submitted an application for $3,500 downpayment. However, even after the $7,500 rebate, I still need to shell out a total of almost $6k on delivery. I don’t think I had almost $2.5k of fees on a gas car lease I’ve done in previous years. Is there a way to get rid of some of those fees? Can any of those fees be at least write off for the tax purposes?

  3. What should I pay special attention during the delivery/accepting car?

  4. Last, but not least, how bad is Tesla on lease returns? Do they stick you with any additional hidden fees?

Thank you.

LOL nope.

There’s a comprehensive checklist here: GitHub - polymorphic/tesla-model-y-checklist: Checklist for Tesla Model Y
Note that it has about 70 things to look for.

My friend returned a model Y and was hit with about $5k in lease return excess wear charges. I’ve returned BMWs with the same amount of wear without a single excess wear charge. YMMV.

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5k in lease return fees is INSANE I wonder what the breakdown was.

I thought the direct-to-consumer model was supposed to be painless… (sorry, I had to :cowboy_hat_face:)

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How much is TTL? On a $70,000 car, that alone is probably $8,000+.

Also, an amount DAS and “fees” are two completely different concepts. Just making sure that’s clear.

This has come up quite a bit in the past couple of weeks, but with Tesla, WYSIWYG.

That’s the good news. Tesla is not trying to rip you off, everything is clearly laid out (if not clearly explained), and that’s about it. No upselling, no dealing with F&I pitches.

The bad news? WYSIWYG :joy: there is no negotiation, no appeal process, no loopholes or other things.

Tesla leases are through US Bank, and USB can be pretty nitpicky or anal about it. After all, there is no buyout and USB knows they will get the asset back at the end. And no, there’s no circumventing the no-buyout clause. You can transfer the lease to someone else, but it’s still a turn-in at the end.

Frankly, though everyone has their own reasons, Tesla’s are a “buy” more than a “lease”. GLWT!

Tesla’s don’t lease well, what kind of payment are you expecting? So many other EV’s lease better than a Tesla.

Tesla leases are a bit maddening when we’ve all seen some of the leases here over the years for much nicer vehicles.

They are using this $7,500 as a marketing tool but then you get hosed with extra fees, an 8.24% rate, and little flexibility at lease end.

No thanks

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I asked him what the breakdown was.
4 tires under 4/32: $1200
4 wheels scratches (curbed): $340
Rear hatch dent: $2000
Front left bumper scratch: $450
Front right bumper scratch: $450
Interior front right door scratch: $750
Interior front left door scratch: $750

Have you tried building the car on the Tesla website to see what the lease payments and estimated fees will be? It seems pretty straightforward to me. You can change the lease term, and you can include estimated fees in the total lease cost estimate.

Yes and if you chat them they will send you a PDF with whichever down you plan on paying, illustrating the detailed drive offs. Will help you truly see how awful their lease terms are.

What do they do with the Tesla’s they take back at the end of the lease?