First time leasing, does this appear to be a potentially good deal for a Chrysler Pacifica?

I’m looking to lease a 2018 Pacifica Limited here in Iowa. Just joined this forum a week or so ago and have been trying to wrap my head around the art of leasing. I initially started looking for a 3 row SUV that I could get in the 300-400 range but there doesn’t seem to be much for incentives here in the midwest. I decided to check out Chrysler because I’m part of their affiliate program through work, basically 1% under invoice price, which probably isn’t that great.

While looking into their offering I found a promo for their Pacifica (all trims, but I’m looking at Limited) and found this (zip code 50158 for me). Does that appear to be a good deal? Particularly with the $3,000 bonus cash? I know it’s missing a lot of information like miles per year and $$$ due at signing but surely even after that it’ll be less than the 1% rule at $366/month, given that the Limited trim runs about $45,000 MSRP. The particular one I’m looking at is MSRP ~$47k and is “select inventory” discounted to $40k.

I’ve e-mailed them asking about it and gave them the incentive codes that I have. Is there anything I should know before going in tomorrow to negotiate on a price? I’m hoping that the bonus cash can cover the “due at signing” amount, and I might qualify for one or two more $500 incentives on top of the $3000.

Again, I’m a complete novice at this and for the most part I have no idea what I’m talking about, so any and all advice/criticism is very welcome!

“Deals” advertised on manufacturer’s sites are those that you can just walk in and get. It’s a deal the dealer will be happy to honor. It’s literally their first offer, and you can bet they love it when anyone accepts their first offer with no negotiating.

That’s a long way to say “No, it’s not a good deal.”

Missing way too much data for any deeper analysis than that.