First time leasing a Mercedes!

Hi everyone, i am looking to lease a 2017 C300 or maybe even a 2017 C43.

Since these are 2017s what discounts could I expect or try to shoot for?

Your name is carSEARCH2000, were you hit by the Millennium bug? :wink:

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He’s just probably 17 :slight_smile:

who says it’s a “he”? :sunglasses:

My current offer for C300 (in CA):

The MSRP is $41,845;
we can sell it to you for $35,972;

with $1000 drive off,
36 months,
10,000 miles per year,
payment should be around $417 plus tax (with the good credit).

Any suggestions?

For this price, consider S90 or E300 loaner. If those are too big, how about Alfa Giulia?
As for C300, I imagine, the target discount is 20-25% for a good deal

17 years old girls more mature than boys :grin: Wouldn’t go for expensive first car

Thanks for the reply! What’s the suggested residual value? Should I ask for a lower price around $33k then?