First time leasing a car but the market is crazy

Hey guys,

Three days ago, I just got into an accident and had to sell my old Honda car.

Now I don’t know what I need to do here, I need a car and thinking to get a lease.

I have been driving that old Honda car for 7 years and now I want new technological car with infotainment.

I have been visitng a lot of dealership and even with $45,000 msrp car, they are offering $780 per month with no down payment, which I thought it is crazy.

Any Advice? and is it okay to just keep visitng the dealerships that are near me?

Check out Subaru offerings here. And don’t go to dealers before you know the numbers.


Since you didn’t sway what car, $780 is reasonable for a nice 3 Row SUV.

Right now cars are $400 with $0 Down, so either you got a great deal or a crappy one.

2023 BMW X1 @ $45,000 was $780/mo with $0 Down.
2023 G70 @ $45,000 was $730/mo with $0 Down.

are they reasonable?

Honestly? No…they are pretty bad.

X1 should be more like $600 with $0 Down.
There’s a broker here who was leasing them for like $500 + $2k

The G70 is harder to gauge as I haven’t seen any real good pricing out the Hyundai area lately.

Check the Marketplace, there are brokers there who can do this easier for you and most likely cheaper

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This is the worst time to lease in the history of leasing. So why now?

Buy and finance your next car.

What’s your budget and what do you need in a car?


For one, don’t lease. Better to finance right now. If you need your payment to be in a particular ballpark, then consider looking at less expensive cars.

My budget is under $700 per month if it is finance.
I mostly care about options + interiror. technological stuff

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Sonata limited. Has similar/better features than the Germans for half the price.

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Agreed. I have a Sonata Limited and its a significantly better interior than an Audi I’ve had previously (although it was just an A3 so barely counts) and the tech is great but there’s fairly limited inventory and Hyundai dealers suck.

I think @Ursus suggestion of Subaru is pretty good too as Eyesight is great and they’ve finally fixed the weird issue with carplay appearing tiny on the infotainment screen.

I would also be checking out Mazda CX5 or better still CX50 if you can find one.

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Where should Ray_Jung go to find those?

The Marketplace if they need something ASAP. If they can wait to order something (doesn’t sound like it) they can look at VIP pricing.

EyeSight works fine, it’s very fussy/noisy (it beeps and blinks constantly). And as someone who had CarPlay as a requirement since 2016 (last 4 cars), the 11” full screen view IMO is a nothingburger - yeah more maps real estate, but I have more glitches than I ever did in the standard double din view that Ford/VW/Volvo offered (alphabetical scrolling will just stop at some point). Definitely skip the wireless charging and stick with wired AA/CarPlay for less latency and actual charging speeds (vs a lot of waste heat).


Finance the G70 if you like it.

Otherwise Camry/Accord/K5/Sonata are the obvious options.

Left field would be something that is or may be discontinued soon, like Stinger or Legacy. Those (counter intuitively) often do better in the resale value department.


Recently asked dealer for $2,000 off discount and he accepted my offer.
this is for 2023 G70 Genesis with options

MSRP: $47,335
Down: $0
36 mo, 12k milage
= $700 / mo

Residual value is 59%

$700.00 * 36 months = $25,200

still looks kind of high.
do you think this is a okay deal during this crazy market season? or should I ask for more discount if possible? lol

As from the other post, you guys mentioned about Stelvio and I was into it, but I see most of leasehackr dealers are not working with Alfa Romeo at this time and dealership near here are offering not much of discount. so if you guys know any other good deal or how to then would be great!

Did you compare with the offers from brokers on the marketplace section of this forum?

yeap but still kind of confuse!

The residual is garbage on the new X1. Will be starting these off at 5% off due to that.

The x1 is garbage on the new x1. Let’s not put lipstick on a pig. :sweat_smile:

I’d check the brokers in your area in the marketplace. If you need something cheap to lease I think the best value is the Corolla SE like one of the brokers here had listed which would be under 300/ month lease if you just need something excluding broker fee.

Don’t knock it till you drive it. :grin: