First time Leasing! 2017 Jaguar F-Type Premium Coupe

Hey! First post, first new car. This passes the 1% test, just wanting to make absolute sure I’m not making a mistake with my first lease. I appreciate any and all guidance.

MSRP $72k
CapCost $61.5
Cap Reduct $5476
Chase Bank Res 63%
RF $45.5k
MF 0.00085
36mo/7500 annual miles
Down $5k
MONTHLY $412 incl tax

+Ultimate Black Metallic
+Premium + Vision Package
+Switchable Exhaust

[corrected numbers, thx Jon]

Is that cap cost before or after the cap reduction? Is the $2k a down payment (CCR) or drive-off? How is the cap reduction $5476, but your “down payment” only $2k?

Jon, thanks for your reply. The $2k is drive-off. I don’t know the answers to your other questions, but perhaps this photo of the lease deal will explain…

Seems like that quote you posted was for 36/7500 miles and $5k drive-off. Since you went with higher mileage and lower drive-offs, the RV and CCR is different than on that quote (RV is probably 61% and CCR would be lower).

Overall, seems like a good deal on the Premium trim. Enjoy the ride. :+1:

Ah, yes, exactly. I forgot to adjust those after modifying drive-off and miles. Thanks!!

Did you read the other F-type threads?