First time leasing - 2016 Nissan sentra deal

Hi All,

This is my first shopping for lease car. I went to nissan dealers around my area (Metro detroit area). So my options are:

24 months, 12k miles per year for $160 per month, 0 down for sentra sv


24 months 12k per year, $1639 upfront (with acquisition fee, prep fee, doc etc) for $88 per month for sentra S model.

Is either a good deal. Should I look further, please help.

Is acquisition fee and prep fee a must for nissan dealer? or is that a hidden fee?


Acquisition fee and doc fee are normal. Prep fee sounds made up.

Is it $0 upfront and $160 per month for the remaining 23 months? I haven’t dug into the details, but from a cursory look, that looks fantastic.

As a rule of thumb, $100/month for every $10,000 MSRP (assuming standard drive-offs) is considered a good deal.

Upfront he said I have to pay $290 for tax and one month payment. I am not sure if $595 acquisition fee is there or not for first deal. Which is better deal?